The Sox don’t play til 7:00 and Pats don’t play til 8:20, so what’re you gonna do this afternoon?

We have one or two days left on Buzzards Bay In 2018. Mrs. Horne and I are going to start clearing stuff out of Vigilant before she’s hauled for the season. Then we’re heading to Oaks Bluff for lunch.

If your boat’s already been hauled, or your ship is a “Land Yacht,” let me suggest a great spot you can drive to this afternoon – The Sail Loft In Padanaram.

Every Sunday from 3:00 to 6:00 Neal McCarthy and/or Ken Richards perform. And they have great food and several craft IPA’s on tap.

I’m in the process of building out a new page on My Buzzards Bay featuring the Live Music videos I’ve shot around the region.

I just finished one on Neal and Kenny at The Sail Loft.

Maybe we’ll see you there…