Second, I am still on vacation from story telling until 2019 when I’ll be catching up on restaurant and marina reviews from last summer.

In the meantime, I wanted to share Mrs. Horne’s new favorite cocktail and ask you to do the same so I don’t have to to explain how to make it every time we go out!

Thanks Peggy, thanks a lot!

It all started innocently enough. Our dear friend Peggy in Austin sent Mrs. Horne a text with a suggestion for new refreshingly light drink. Little did I know that Mrs. Horne had been hankering to move away from her lifelong cocktail of choice – Tanqueray and Diet Tonic.

But when Peggy’s text arrived, the gears for progress began to grind forward…

“This is my new drink… one of the things I’ve really become conscious of is sugar. This was one of the ways I cut back sugar from my fave drink (vodka/tonic). It might take a couple of drinks to get used to it but worth the try.”

Just two ingredients – what could be simpler?

To start with, we were in San Diego visiting our kids when the text arrived and I had neither the flavored Ketel One or the Topo Chico! Kindly, Mrs. Horne said, “I can wait until we get back to La Quinta…”

A few days later, were went out to an earlier dinner to celebrate our dear granddaughter Lucy James’ first birthday at my favorite west coast seaside eatery – The Pacific Coast Grill in Cardiff-By-The- Sea.

Sunset at The Pacific Coast Grill on Lucy’s 1st Birthday

Mrs. Horne says “can you get me one of those Peggy drinks?”

Sounds simple enough, but rather than ask the server to ask the bartender, I jump up and go straight to the bar myself.

And of course they don’t stock the Cucumber Mint Ketel One or the Topo Chico (which is probably from a local bottler in Texas). She does say, “We have cucumber jalapeno martinis.”

I said, “How do you make it?”

She says, “I muddle the cucumber and the jalapenos…”

And with that the Suzy Cucumber was born!

I had her muddle cucumber, mint and lime. Then mix into a tall Vodka – Soda.

Needless to say, Mrs. Horne loved it and proclaimed it to be her new drink. The next night around cocktail hour, Mrs. Horne requested “her new drink.” I jumped in the car, ran down to Albertson’s and bought the Cucumber Mint Ketel One and Crystal Geyser Lime Seltzer water. This is virtually the same drink Miss Peggy suggested in her text.

Now Mrs. Horne says “ugh, it tastes like water. I want the one like I had at PCG.”

So I minced up some cucumber and lime and tossed it in the glass…

SQ 1

I even garnished it with a slice of cucumber. Mrs. Horne said, “It’s better, but not quite there yet.”

Introducing The Suzy Cucumber

The final recipe is pretty close to the one I concocted with the bartender at PCG:

I muddle lime, cucumber, and fresh mint with Tito’s vodka:

Then I dump into large red wine goblet and finish it off with seltzer…

SQ Done


The only challenge has been that this isn’t a drink that lends itself to “topping off.” If I don’t make it fresh every time, I’ll hear the dreaded “This tastes like water…” from my darling.

Mrs. Horne thinks it needs more cucumber and maybe the special Ketel One.

After reading this post, our incredible son-in-law Brian went out and purchased an entire array of cucumber infused vodka!