At the end of Day One on Nantucket, we needed dinner, but we weren’t exactly famished. And since I was still watching the budget, I went back to yelp looking for 4 star reviews with $$ prices.

Much like Charlie Noble, Slip 14 was in the Top 20 (#19) on yelp, but third for $$ Dinner Venues. Even better, it was pretty much on the grounds of the Nantucket Boat Basin.

If you’re looking to eat in a true Seaside Eatery, you’ll love Slip 14. It sits on one of the straight wharf’s in the center of the Boat Basin. It’s surrounded by quaint little shops – if that’s your thing.

Hey, here’s an idea, you can take the wives there for lunch and sit at the bar while they shop!

Slip 14 is what they call intimate in the restaurant business. There aren’t too many tables, a relatively long bar, and plenty of windows so you feel like you’re sitting on the wharf.

The Food

Once again, yelp didn’t let us down – Slip 14 is a solid 4-star restaurant (as I side note, I draw the line at  3 1/2 stars, any less and I won’t eat there).

The Slip 14 Menu offers local classics and modern adaptations. Mrs. Horne and Paula started with the $15 Beet Salad – Smoked Goat Cheese, Ponzu Cucumbers, Pistachio, and Ginger Vinaigrette…

As usual, I went for the most unique item on the menu — The $15 Mahogany Glazed Wings. To be honest, the name doesn’t scream unique, but I spotted them on the table next to us and asked our neighbors what they were.

Although they really are wings, they cut out quite a bit of the breast proving a portion that weighs in as more of a chicken leg than a wing.

Mrs. Horne and Paula shared the $28 Chatham Day Boat Scallops with Ginger Braised Quinoa, Orange Pineapple Glaze, and Tomato Cucumber Salad. Being a generous guy and trying to manage my calorie intake, I readily shared my fries (which were crisp – just the way I like them.)


The total tab for the three of us came in at $116 plus $30 for tip. That’s pretty good for dinner on the water in Nantucket!

Although I may not return next season for dinner, I think I’d like to try Slip 14 for Lunch.