Our second day on Nantucket started out cold and wet. The US Open was on TV and thanks to their great WiFi, there was no need to go out for breakfast. I made Egg Sandwiches for the girls and they went shopping while Doc Ruel and I watched the Open and sipped hot French Roast.

nbb tv

By noon, we were getting pretty hungry. It was still raining, so we weren’t going far. A quick session on yelp suggested something I never saw coming – a great BBQ joint just off the Straight Wharf.

When you think of Nantucket, you think of seafood, the rich & famous, and beautiful people who are likely vegans! You don’t expect to find an authentic BBQ restaurant.

BYB Yelp

Yep, #2 restaurant on the Island of Nantucket. As a side note, the #1 spot – Nautilus is cray-cray popular. If you want a reservation, you have to show up at noon the day of, and wait in line. I’ve heard that the Jared Coffin house will send a bus boy over to wait in line to nab a reservation for a guest!

Back to the BYB (B-ACK Yard BBQ). The decor is more Contemporary American than Southern BBQ, but very comfortable. Mrs. Horne is not a big BBQ fan and I think the atmosphere eased her apprehension.

BYB Front Room
The Front of The House and Bar
BYB Backroom
Back of The House – Booths

Totally Legit BBQ

One more thing that put Mrs. Horne at ease was the lack of smoke smell in the restaurant. Of course, that made me question whether or not we’d be getting the real deal.

That thought vanished as soon as I saw the bottles of homemade sauces on the table…

BYB Sauces

What could be more authentic than handwritten labels?

The Food

Mrs. Horne wanted to take it easy, so she ordered a Caesar Salad ($10)…

BYB Caesar

If you’re a Caesar fan, you’ll immediately spot what makes this one special!

  • Homemade Croutons
  • Sliced Parmesan Reggiano
  • White Anchovies

I love white anchovies. They’re much light and less salty than the canned variety. They also have a fish texture – less gritty. I asked for some on the side and out came a little bowl.

BYB White Sardines

I bought a small bag of these at Sid Wainor’s Gourmet Outlet in New Bedford and I think they cost $20 – quite nice!

Since it was lunch, I decided to get the least expensive item that looked tasty. I went with the Smoke Kielbasi ($15).

BYB Keilbasi

This was a perfectly composed plate. Homemade sausage and relish, golden buttered bun, carefully crafted slaw, and hot crispy fries!

Mrs. Horne and Paula shared the Lobster Mac and Cheese which was huge and a bargain at $18.00.


By the way, we enjoyed great service from a lovely waitress. Everyone wore stylish tee-shirts with this clever graphic on the back…

BYB Tee Shirt

Authentic homemade BBQ and Lobster all for less than $100, a few steps from the waterfront, on the Island of Nantucket – who can argue with that?
BYB Check

It’s easy to see why the yelpers love this place so much; well executed dishes at mainland prices. I’m sure I’ll be back here for dinner in June!