Yesterday was May 11 and it was our first day on the boat for 2019. Although Boston had a mild winter, April and early May were pretty much crap, but Saturday was quite nice.

It was the ladies opening day at our golf course – The Bay Club, so Mrs. Horne was busy until 3:00. The ladies teed off at 9:00, so me and the boys played before them.

It was a good day of golf. Me, Ray Drouin, Bob Muse, and Peter Lavalle tied for first place in the Men’s team game and cleaned up on the individual Gross Wheel. Mrs. Horne’s team came in 2nd in the larger field.

I mention this not to brag about our golf prowess, but to explain why our modest little shake down cruise didn’t depart MBY until 3:30.

Vigilant’s New Home?

Last week Mattapoisett Boat Yard rocked our little town by acquiring the only marina in Mattapoisett- Brant Cove Marina (formerly Leisure Shores).

This is big news for us since MBY has only one slip big enough for Vigilant and it’s been taken for years by friends of the prior owner.

Because of this, both Tenacity and Vigilant have lived on moorings in Mattapoisett Harbor, but no more. By the way, we been on the wait list for a slip at the town pier for 10 years, but we’ve only moved from #43 to #29, so it’s unlikely that will happen before we’re in walkers!

We will now have a slip, although we’re not sure where. We may get the slip at MBY if the folks who own it move to Brandt Island, or Vigilant will be docked at their new marina.

On paper, both spots have pluses and minuses, so Mrs. Horne and I decided to take a cruise over and visit Brandt Cove Marina by sea.

Although Ned and the boys at MBY have been working around the clock to get boats in the water, Mattapoisett Harbor was still pretty barren as we pulled away from the pier. 

Brandt Cove Marina is 2 miles from MBY so we cruised over at about 10 knots.

Brandt Island is a unique spot on the Southwest side of Buzzards Bay in that it’s well protected and has a nice clean approach through a series of red/green channel markers.

As the chart shows, there is a Fish Trap area immediately to port as you enter the channel, but it hadn’t been set yesterday.

There is also an ugly rock outcropping just to to port of the second set of markers. It was still visible at high tide, so I’m guessing it’s easy to spot most of the time.

As you enter the cove, you pass Brandt Island on your left. It’s a very small island with no more than 2-3 homes.

Brandt Island

The cove itself is naturally beautiful with many acres owned for preservation by the Mattapoisett Land Trust.

We approached the Marina and Mrs. Horne hollered over to the only marina resident on his boat Saturday.

Although we were 100′ feet away with the engine running, Mrs. Horne managed a conversation and learned that they’d held that slip for 15 years and loved the marina.

I can see why…

View southeast toward Brant Island and Cape Cod

I observed 7-11 feet under the prop most of the way in, but it was near high tide, which led me to believe low tide could be challenging for Vigilant. That said, there was a 50′ yacht on the south dock, so my guess is that it’s manageable.

View southwest

Ned told me they have 75 slips and judging from my visual inspection, I’d say they’re in great shape. Note the tall and straight pilings above.

MBY is on Dockwa for their moorings and I suspect they’ll be putting Brandt Cove Marina on as well. With this in mind, Mrs. Horne and I broke out our Dockwa SWAG and toasted Becky!

It was only 4:30 so we decided to take a little run down the shore to Aucoot and put Vigilant through her paces to make sure she’s ready for our 3-day cruise next weekend,

Here are a few shots I took along the way…

Converse Point Marion
Our House
Peases Point

Everything checked out so we returned to our temporary slip and Mrs. Horne washed down Vigilant with great ease (as opposed to on our bouncing mooring).

Next weekend we’re planning on a 3-day trip with our dear friends Peter and Mary Lee. We’ll be starting out with lunch at The Chart Room (opens Thursday) and then maybe Oak Bluffs.

As I mentioned before, I love Oak Bluffs in the spring and fall. We discovered The Cardboard Box last fall and the incredible local music at The Ritz.

Join The Flotilla!

In case you missed it, we’re going to try something different this season and we’ll be posting our upcoming cruises on the My Buzzards Bay Facebook page and if you’d like to connect, just add a comment…