Last June we enjoyed a wonderful little 3-day getaway with Gail and Rudy to Edgartown. Although we’d visited Edgartown 50-100 times on day trips, this was our first overnight stay. The reason for this is simple – there are only 2 overnight slips in Edgartown and man, do they go fast.

At 10:00 AM on February 13, The Edgartown Harbormaster opened these two slips up for booking on Dockwa. Although I had marked my calendar, I didn’t log in until 10:45 and every day was already taken from The 4th of July to Labor Day!

I did manage to book the last weekend in June and I look forward spending another three days there this summer – particularly enjoying dinner in this great little village.

The Newes From America

The Newes is the pub inside the Kelly House about a block from the waterfront in Edgartown. The Kelly House opened in 1742. They consider themselves an “American Pub,” but having lived and worked in London in the 1980’s, I can assure you that The Newes feels like a totally legitimate British Pub.

Mews Bar
The Intimate Bar at The Newes
Mews Interior
The Tables are close, but comfortable…

Prior to our lunch last June at The Newes, I had enjoyed 50-100 lunches at The Seafood Shanty. I never intended to eat at the same place all those years, but between the View, the Menu, and requests from our guests, we just kept going back.

Ironically, the only other place I’d ever eaten lunch in Edgartown was The Newes, way back in 2001 with my daughter’s first grade teacher. On the following trip Gary McGrath discovered The Seafood Shanty and the rest is history!

Based on yelp, The Newes ranks 4th in restaurant rich Edgartown and 3rd among moderately priced venues ($$) in contrast to The Seafood Shanty which ranks 10th and 6th respectively. When you consider the spectacular views at the Shanty, it’s clear that the Newes a special place.

Mews Beer
The Newes serves up a great selection of craft beers on draught…

The Food

Although we all shared each other’s lunch, the quality of the food came through with each bite.

As you may know, my Captain’s Ruben’s are legendary along the South Coast, but the Ruben served at The Newes puts mine to shame!

Mews Ruben

The heavy portion of lean red Corned Beef is reminiscent of Carnegie’s Deli in NYC.

Susan and Gail shared the Mac and Cheese, which reminded me of the orecchiette from Lucca’s in the North End of Boston.

Mews Mac and Cheese

It is an incredibly balanced dish that looks more like a gourmet pasta than the all American Staple.

Rudy had the Fish and Chips (as did the girls who split an order). Everything you’d expect in a Cape Cod Beer Battered Cod.

Mews Fish and Chips

You can click here to see the full menu.

We’ll definitely be back for dinner in 2019!