As I mentioned in an earlier post, this was our first overnight stay in Edgartown. I was very excited about sampling some of the great diner venues I’d been hearing about and top of that list was Port Hunter.

Port Hunter Outside

Currently sitting at #1 Restaurant in Edgartown on yelp, it should be be noted that Port Hunter is a $$ cost restaurant – all the more reason to love it!

Port Hunter Yelp

One of the tricks of the trade for finding a great seaside eatery is to venture just outside the the streets that actually have an ocean view. This end of Main Street is full of restaurants and all seem to be very good and reasonably priced (for Edgartown).

Too Loud?

The yelp term “lively atmosphere” is just few ticks beyond vibrant. It’s a single room with a high ceiling and brick walls. As we say in the music business – horrible acoustics.

Port Hunter Inside

Normally, you’d expect to be immersed in a steady din, but the owner of Port Hunter is a music lover and the entire restaurant is filled with loud music. The problem is, due to the lousy acoustics, it was almost impossible to make out what song was playing; it was just a very loud din.

We asked our server if it bothered her and she said “Yes, it drives me, most of the employees, and a lot of my customers crazy.”

As I’m about to report, the food was outstanding, but unless you’re eating by yourself – or with someone you don’t want to talk too, you’ll probably find the noise level a showstopper.

On the other hand, if you love music, have good hearing, and don’t mind raising your voice, you’ll probably love the party vibe at The Port Hunter.

The Food

All that said, the food is great and the menu is a nice blend of island and eclectic.

The girls started with the GREEN BEAN ‘CAESAR’ ($14) green bean, house croutons, anchovy lemon dressing. 


This a great concept that I’ve never seen anywhere. It’s basically a top notch Caesar with lovely blanched green beans rather than romaine lettuce. What I really love is the shave Parmesan Reggiano!

Rudy had the FISH TACOS ($18) lightly fried vineyard flounder, corn tortillas, tomatillo salsa,  pickled onion and cabbage, black bean ragu. 


Lets start with perfect grilled flour tortillas. I always do this, but few restaurants do. The combination of pickled onions and cabbage is also unique. Finally, the Black Bean Ragu was a worthy vegan meal and a superb side.

Of course as soon as I saw all the fringe dishes on the menu I went crazy. When i face a menu like this I almost always go for two appetizers. So I did.

How could I pass on the OYSTER STEAM BUNS ($10) squid ink bao bun, fried local oyster, miso basil aioli, pickled cabbage. Squid ink black sticky buns and fried oysters – oh me, oh my!

Port Hunter Sticky Buns

This dish also delivered a nice hint of Banh Mi Vietnamese flavoring.

The other item that screamed “order me” was the BUFFALO BRUSSELS ($14) flash fried brussel sprouts, buffalo sauce, scallions, garlic & blue cheese mousse.

Port Hunter Sprouts

You get the blue cheese and buffalo thing going but crispy Brussels Sprouts are the base rather than chicken.

This could be a spot I try for lunch next summer and when I do, I’ll ask if they’ve turned down the music!