Last season I discovered a very nice little island getaway cruise that began on Cuttyhunk and continued on to Menemsha and Falmouth. We’re hoping to repeat this tour with modification this summer, it’s just a great way to enjoy the south coast islands in the middle of the summer without the crazy crowds.

Years ago Mrs. Horne and I honeymooned on Cuttyhunk, back when they had two great BYOB restaurants. Last season, there were virtually none (you can sit and get appetizer’s at the Scuttlebutt or pizza at Soprano’s, but most of the food offerings are designed to be taken back to your boat to eat.)

That said, there is one sit-down restaurant style experience, but it’s breakfast only – The Cuttyhunk Fishing Club.

This place is a definite “must do” if you’re in Cuttyhunk for breakfast. The views are spectacular and the property reeks of old seaside eatery.

We arrived at the worst possible time – 9:30 on Sunday morning and accordingly, we had to wait about 40 minutes to be seated. That said, we helped ourselves to coffee and enjoyed the view south to Gay Head and Martha’s Vineyard.

Mrs. Horne and her sister Gail looking toward Gay Head

We were served by Ellie Garfield, a wonderful young lady who is a Cuttyhunk native, but currently studying at Clark in Worcester.

Ellie Garfield

Illustrating how small the island is, Ellie’s uncle owns and operates the Shellfish Farm!

The Food

Before I get to our breakfast, I need to mention the menu. I find that there are two kinds of breakfast menu’s offered by Seaside Eateries. Some offer everything you might find at a classic dinner and others just sport a dozen unique items.

The Cuttyhunk Fishing Club menu looks like one you’d find in a classic dinner…

The Food

As usual, I ordered the most unique sounding dish on the menu and it was very good.

It’s called The “Seagull’s Nest” and it’s Corned Beef Hash, Poached Eggs, and Hollandaise Sauce. By the way, I ordered the “Bolla” toast which is similar to an English Muffin, but softer and sweeter.

Mrs. Horne and Gail ordered the French toast “drowned” in candied apples with a side of bacon.

It was quite tasty, but to me, more of a dessert than a breakfast.

Rudy rounded things out with a proper omelet.

One word of warning – and this was true for pretty much all of Cuttyhunk and some of Menemsha, these are Cash Only Islands. Some will take a card, but many do not!

Cuttyhunk is unlike any other cruising venue on the south coast, but it offers a great overnight stop if you want to order up some lobsters, take out pizza, just cook dinner on board. Rounding out the trip with breakfast at The Fishing Club truly completes this unique island adventure.