We arrived on Nantucket at 9:00 on the Friday before Father’s Day weekend. Although this is just our second year, I’m fairly certain this will be a long standing tradition.

We arrived at 9:00 because we left Mattapoisett at 7:00 to avoid the 30 knot winds that were forecast to kick up after 10:00 AM. Great idea – it was virtually flat all the way over.

The First My Buzzards Bay Flotilla

Truth be told, Nantucket for Father’s Day Weekend is a long standing tradition for our friends Jon and Joan aboard their 34 Pursuit True North.

True North

This year our new friends David and Monette joined our 7:00 AM departure in their Viking 50 Ocean Drive.

Ocean Drive

Thanks to the flat seas, we were able to run at 25 MPH, making the 50 mile trip in about 2 hours. Although it was gray most of the way over, the sun did sneak out from time to time…

Last year a did a report on The Nantucket Boat Basin. This is truly one of the best marinas I’ve ever visited. The day before we were set to arrive, I got a call from the concierge asking if there was “anything they could do for us.” Who does this? No other marina I’ve ever seen!

They continued to impress by docking us at 9:00 AM for the day…

Vigilant at The Nantucket Boat Basin

When we arrived, we were greeted by one of the original followers of My Buzzards Bay – Kevin and his wife Hedi from Plymouth.

Hedi and Kevin

We met them two years ago when they were cruising in a Back Cove 30. They have moved up to a Sea Ray 44 named The Eighth Day.

A Found Day

Rising at 5:00, loading the boat at 6:30, departing at 7:00, and arriving at our destination at 9:00 is like finding an extra day of vacation. We had the boat tied up, power cord connected, and coffee maker set up by 9:30 when Mrs. Horne said “let’s go to lunch.”

Of course I had to tell her no one served lunch at 9:30 in the morning! So we did a little cleaning and headed over to Slip 14 at 11:30.

Last year I did a full review on Slip 14. It’s a great spot on The Straight Wharf, tucked in between a dozen quaint little shops. It’s an open area bar and dining style restaurant with great food.

Our lunch…

My Buddy Arrives in Nantucket

We seem to meet cruising friends in odd places. A few years ago we met a lovely woman named Nancy at the bar at our California home – PGA WEST. We were sitting near her and Mrs. Horne heard the word “Nantucket” and introduced herself.

Since then, we’ve cruised with them and attended a couple of Patriots Payoff Game parties at their home in La Quinta.

I was just off Edgartown when my phone rang. It was Harris (Nancy’s husband). He was in Hyannis after 6 days at sea bringing their yacht My Buddy up from Florida and the Bahamas.

Harris was looking for a wave size update. He’d tried to get home on Thursday and turned back in the face of 8-10 foot waves, 10 feet apart. If I hadn’t experienced these myself 19 years ago, I would have thought he was exaggerating. It’s a phenomenon that occurs when the winds and the tidal currents in Vineyard Sound align demonically.

It was 8:00 AM when Harris called and it was 1-2 footers, so I gave him the green light. Harris arrived while we were at lunch and with the 3 other boats in town, it was clearly the right time for a Flotilla Reception on Vigilant at 4:00 PM.

Mrs. Horne, Marietta, and Monette
Bob, David, and Jon
Your humble host and Chief Story Teller

Dinner at The Club Car

Around 6:00, the party broke out and we decided to go find dinner with Harris and Nancy.

Harris and Nancy

On a Friday night on Nantucket, this is a risky proposition, but we had been tipped off by the owner of Anderson’s (Tess) that the Club Car had new owners.

The new focus is Farm to Table and everything was incredible (you can read my full review here).

Jeep Road Trip

I mentioned that Jon has been visiting Nantucket for Father’s Day weekend for some time. One of his traditions is to rent a jeep and make the trek out to Great Point. It sounded like fun, so we did too.

David, Monette, Me, amd Mrs. Horne

It’s great fun, but it is a full day. The drive is 30 minutes plus to the park entrance. Then you have to take the air in the tires down to 15 pounds so you ride on the beach and it’s another 10 minutes to the point because you can only go 10-15 MPH in the sand.

Once we arrived, we spread out the chairs that Affordable Rentals included and had a picnic lunch.


This will definitely be an addition to my Things To Do On Nantucket story from last season. Just be a aware that’s it’s not cheap; the jeep is $300/day and the entrance to the park is another $45.

But the experience is priceless…

The Great Point Lighthouse

A Very Full Day!

Let me just say, that the jeep trek to Great Point alone would have been pretty full day, but not for us!

After stopping to fill the jeep tires back up to 35 pounds, we stopped at Harris and Nancy’s so the ladies could change and then off we went to Cisco Brewery…

The Back Bar at Cisco

It was typically crazy and like last year, I wished I gotten there earlier to get a table by the band. NOTE TO SELF – if you can’t get to Cisco by 2:30, try another day.

After Cisco, we returned the jeep and returned to the boats so I could take a quick shower. Then we headed over to Rose and Crown for more live music from a talented young performer named Sean Lee.

This is a great “Dive Bar” with windows open to the street. Sean has a laminated song list for those who wish to do requests. While Mrs. Horne worked the crowd for favorites, I called over to Sean.

“Do you know Wagon Wheel?”

“Yes” said Sean.

“Do you play it in G or A?” I asked.

“A, why do you ask?” said Sean, “do you want to sing?”

“Why yes” I replied and off we went!

The Rose and Crown is on my A List for Nantucket. In particular, I like live music from 5:00 to 7:00.

Although these old souls were getting weary, we needed a little nourishment and stopped into the first “known quantity” we came upon – Charlie Noble.

For the second night in a row, we lucked out with reservations and had a great meal…

Monette started with a unique Caesar and I had the Pepperoni Flatbread (with a garlic, olive oil base due to Mrs. Horne’s aversion to tomatoes). David and Mrs. Horne both had the Fluke, but I was too tired to snap a photo before they dove in.

Father’s Day 2019

Father’s day was kinda gray, but windy. True North left around 7:00 for Mattapoisett and The Eighth Day left at 7:30 for Plymouth. At 7:45, True North returned. It was too rough for Joan and Marietta, so Jon came back.

I texted Kevin later in the day and he reported some rough seas to Woods Hole, but a following sea in Buzzards Bay, and virtual calm from the canal to his home port in Plymouth.

Since it was Father’s Day, Mrs. Horne and I went off in search of a brunch venue. Mrs. Horne is on a fitness regiment, so we picked The Island Kitchen, which was a mile and a half walk from the boat basin.

It’s a great spot and we had a wonderful little brunch…

I already did a full review on The Island Kitchen – click here to read…

I must applaud Mrs. Horne’s commitment to fitness. After a filling brunch, she marched me back to town making sure we got at least 3 miles of walking in before we hit Anderson’s for a little shopping.

After all that walking and shopping, Mrs. Horne took a catnap while I practiced guitar and watched Gary Woodland win the US Open.

I had made a dinner reservation at the Brandt Point Grill over a month ago for Father’s Day. Since Jon and Joan were still on the island, we invited them to join us after yet-another Happy Hour on Vigilant.

Brandt Point Grill

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, we were on a bit of whirlwind tour to cover all the best restaurants on Nantucket before the end of the month. Our wonderful daughter and her talented husband are visiting us next week and we’ll be caring for our two grandchildren when they visit Nantucket by ferry. They’ll only be there one night, so we want to make sure we can fully brief them before they chose the venue for dining.

They’ll be staying at The White Elephant, so it’s unlikely that’ll be their dinner choice, but it seemed like a good idea to try it out nevertheless.

The White Elephant

It was rainy lightly when we arrived and although it’s clear that this is place that features patio dining, the atmosphere was still very pleasant.

A nice day at Brandt Point courtesy of yelp

And our dear dinner guests…

Mrs. Horne and Joan
Jon and Dave

I haven’t completed my review yet, but I can assure you the food was incredible. Mrs. Horne and I each had appetizers then split the Ribeye.

We were quite full and this strategy keep the entire check down to around $200 including a generous pour of Jordan Cab ($29).

A Perfect Monday

One of the reasons I know that I love this cruising life is the saddest I feel when I return home on Sunday afternoons. Of course this makes any Monday morning on Vigilant all the sweeter.

Jon and Joan departed around 8:30 Monday morning, but with the perfect weather forecast and virtually no wind for Tuesday or Wednesday, we stayed.

We started by renting bikes at Nantucket Bicycle Rentals and touring the island.

Determined to review Nautilus before we left the island, we followed the rules of the cult and lined up at 11:30 for noon – when they grace a few lucky souls with dinner reservations.

Although we weren’t about to miss the chance to try out this little gourmet haven, I have to admit that I was convinced that the great reviews were due to the gauntlet one had to endure to get a table.’

Having stopped by on Friday at 12:20 PM looking for a table for Friday night and nearly being laughed at, I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting to get a reservation by calling at 1:00. If you want to eat here, you must wait in line for a reservation.

That said, I think the whole line waiting regiment adds to the allure. While waiting in line, we met other people who were also going to dinning in the micro dinning room that night.

Yep, those 12 little tables are the extent of the dining room…

Of course even if you missed seeing your new friends from waiting in line, you’ll surely make new ones with the folks sitting 30″ to either side.

The menu at Nautilus is pure Nobu…

Not knowing were to start, we asked the people next to us what they’d ordered and took their advice. I did inquire about the Peking Duck, but it was $115 and served 4-6, so we passed.

This is one more spot that I’ll be reviewing later, but I can tell the food was well worth the process to get a table..

Smooth Ride Home

Alas, all things must end and Tuesday morning we decided it was time to return home. There was virtually no wind or waves, so once again I set the throttle to 25 MPH and let the autopilot do the heavy lifting.

Next stop Edgartown…