We’re in Edgartown for a night with our friends Tony and Liz. They’re a couple of foodies who regularly drive 30-45 minutes to find a great restaurant.

Last year we dined at Port Hunter and Isola, which were great, but with deference to our guests, I decided it was time to try out one of Michelle Obama’s favorite restaurant on Martha’s VineyardDétente.

The first clues that you’re entering a great little restaurant is the location. Détente is tucked behind a bunch of little shops a few blocks away from Water Street.

You may be paying a little for atmosphere at Détente, but you’re certainly not paying for a view.

Intimate, but Ample

Although Détente occupies a small footprint, it seats a surprisingly large number of diners. There is a small bar immediately after you enter.

This is a popular first-come-first-served option for single diners or folks looking to munch tapas style.

There is a substantial dining room upstairs, the al fresco spot depicted above, and the primary dining room downstairs where we ate.

The Food

Tony knows wine and he picked a great bottle to accompany our red meat meals.

Although the menu offered many unique preparations, all the traditional proteins were represented…

We started with salads and appetizers.

Mrs. Horne started with the North Tabor Greens ($14), which was cabbage based.

What made it interesting was the kimchi vinaigrette and the Mushroom Duxelle, which was sort of an egg roll filled with savory exotic sautéed mushrooms.

Tony and Liz shared the Panzanella ($16).

The star of this dish was the fried cornbread and the homemade buratta.

Right after we sat down, our server came by and told us they only had one lamb special appetizer ($18) left, so I immediately claimed it!

It featured a leg of lamb croquette on a bed of sweet green quinoa.

Mrs. Horne and I split the rack of lamb ($45) and the Roasted Sunchoke and Fingerling side dish ($12).

The Rack was relatively large, perfectly cooked (medium rare plus) and full of the sweet mutton flavor I expected.

The Sunchoke and Fingerling side had a honey truffle glaze, but tasted almost smoked.

Tony had the Beef Duo ($38).

It featured a Bavette Steak and a Beef Short Rib. It was accompanied by several vegetable sides including Fried Green Tomato and Cipollini Onions.

Liz went with the Chatham Cod ($34).

It was topped with crab and sat on a Salt Cod emulsion. The sides were Smoked Fingerling, English Peas, Hericot Vert.

Liz was concerned that the Salt Cod might be too salty, but it was fine.

Détente is a worthy spot to bring your foodie friends, but despite the gourmet offerings, it wouldn’t break the bank.