If you cruise Buzzards Bay and the Islands, then you probably know that Edgartown is a Mooring venue. The town hosts dozens of moorings on Dockwa and for a mere $40 you can stay on one for 24 hours or just book it ahead of time for a 3 hour day trip.

But the Harbormaster also has 2 slips on Dockwa. Yep, just two and they opened for booking at exactly 10:00 AM EDT on February 13. I marked my calendar.

Unfortunately, I forgot to set my alarm clock and hit Dockwa 45 minutes late. Much to my disappointment, on February 13, 2019 every slip was already booked for every day in July and August!

I settled for the “best available” and booked June 21nd and 23nd.

By the way, these two slips ain’t cheap, but they’re always $300/night and that’s pretty reasonable for late July or early August – maybe next year!

First Time Overnighters

I had no idea who’d be on the crew when I booked Edgartown, but I was delighted when we ended up with a dear couple from the Bay Club – Tony and Liz.

We’ve know them for years and they’ve stayed with us in La Quinta. They’ve also been on our last three boats more times than I can count, but never overnight.

Mrs. Horne and Tony
The Captain and Liz

We are always a little apprehensive when we have first time guests on the boat. Will they sleep all right, will they get seasick, will they be comfortable in such close quarters? Of course, these concerns are all in vain – thus far everyone who’s slept aboard Vigilant seems to have loved her!

As I said, back in February I booked Friday and Saturday, but as the date drew near we decided to make it just 2 full days and one night. If you want any refund for canceling from the Harbormaster, you must notify them 7 days in advance. That was just close enough for me to see that the weather on Friday wasn’t looking that good. On top of that, The Bay Club’s Summer Solstice Party was Friday night and who’d want to miss that?

Perfect Day on Vineyard Sound

This is where my saga of the crazy weather day begins. The NOAA forecast for Vineyard Sound made no sense. It called for 5-8 knot winds out of the Northwest and waves less than 1 foot – perfect!

It also had a pop-up alert calling for Small Craft Warnings!

Nevertheless, it was perfect at 10:00 AM Saturday when we left Mattapoisett Boatyard…

It stayed perfect all 26 miles to Edgartown and was a Perfect 10 as we tied up in Edgartown…

As we headed over to The Seafood Shanty for an Al Fresco lunch on the upper deck, Liz’s phone kept chirping out Weather Alerts!

After a little shopping and ice coffees, we returned to Vigilant. Everyone lounged on the aft deck while I debuted my lasted song – Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

We noticed the sky darkening in the East and suddenly I felt a drop of rain and we headed inside.

I made my first vertical video compilation documenting what happened next – enjoy!

I used the new Windows 10 Video Editor which gives me the option of a portrait or landscape aspect ratio (which iMovie does not). It’s missing a couple of important features like audio fading or manual transitions and Ken Burns Effect, but I’ll probably use it again.

Enough AV Geek talk!

A Different Day…

We played cards (Pitch) and watched the Red Sox 4:00 game while the storm passed through. Meanwhile, Saturday had become a totally different day!

Before the storm there was virtually no wind and it was over 80 degrees. Within 15 minutes, the temperature dropped to 58 and the breeze persisted.

The guy in the other slip told me that the wind had hit 40 knots while we were out to dinner – truly crazy.

Speaking of dinner, we had a great one. Tony and Liz are foodies, so we wanted to try a special spot, we went with Detente – one of the Obama’s favorite restaurants on Martha’s Vineyard.

You can read my full review here, but let me give you the bottom line on two dishes – Rack of Lamb and Sunchokes and Potatoes in a honey truffle glaze – they were incredible!

After dinner we took a leisurely stroll home…

I put Direct TV and a DVR on Vigilant this spring which has enabled us to enjoy a silly new tradition…

…binge watching Bravo’s Below Deck!

Nothing Crazy About Sunday’s Weather

I woke to yet another beautiful day on Katama Bay…

We had a loose plan to hit The Chart Room for lunch, so I cooked me and Tony some egg sandwiches before the girls got up…

Once again Mrs. Horne’s fitness regiment spilled over onto the entire crew as we all joined her in her 3 mile morning walk. This was the first time I’d walked past the Harbor View Hotel and I must say I was very impressed.

Having left Nantucket 5 days early, it was nice to contrast these two iconic seaside towns. In both villages, the streets are quaint, but Edgartown actually seemed to have fewer cars and bigger homes!

I snapped a few photos for your vicarious enjoyment…

At the end of our walk, Liz and I stopped for ice coffee’s at what has become my favorite coffee shop on Martha’s Vineyard – Toccopuro

I first discovered these purveyors of fine caffeine in Oak Bluffs. I was delighted to discover a second shop just past downtown on Water Street. The coffee is great and the folks who work there are very friendly and happy.

Off To The Chart Room

I think I’ve mentioned that I hate going home on Sunday Afternoons. It’s probably a latent emotional trigger from going back to school or work.

I have discovered that the best cure for Sunday blues is The Chart Room – everybody’s Happy Place!

It’s 25 miles from Edgartown to Pocasset and once again, the sea was a calm as Buzzards Bay gets. We arrived at 12:15 and Kingman Marine gave Vigilant a primo spot at the Fuel Dock…

When we got to the Adirondacks, we ran into one of out favorite young families – Kevin Oliveira’s…

I took this photo, but I have to say that I don’t think it’s possible to take a bad photo of such a beautiful family!

Dinner was great as usual…

While we were eating, a regular follower of My Buzzards Bay came up and introduced himself…

His name was Peter Brogan and it turns out that he’s friends with my cousin Sharon Tavilla. He even coached my nephew Danny in hockey.

The Way Back Machine

Just before we asked for the check, something popped into my head out of the blue.

“Do you still have ice cream Bon Bon’s?”

“Why yes, would you like some?”

Please comment below and let me know if you remember back in the day when The Chart Room always brought a plate of complimentary Bon Bon’s with the check.

I’m guessing it was in the 1980’s. I was busy working in Silicon Valley in the 1990’s and didn’t make it over, but I can say by 2000, they were gone.

The End Of a Jimmy Buffet Weekend

On the way back to Vigilant, I passed what seemed to be a pirate on the marina deck…

Turned out his name was Mike and his parrot was Sky. I think he was harmless, but I didn’t stick around to find out.

On the way home, the north side of Basset’s Island was packed with party boaters and all was good in the world…

Our family is coming in from San Diego for two weeks tonight, so I’ll be busy for a while, but I’m sure I’ll find a few good stories in the archives to share.