I’m a huge fan of Opentable. In case you’re not “wired,” Opentable is a website and app that enables you to search, research, and book dinner reservations on your PC or wireless device.

In most big cities, all the good restaurants are on Opentable, but very few restaurants on islands like Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, or Nantucket can be booked using this online service.

About a month ago I was at a dinner party with our friends Jon and Joan Ruel. We were talking about our upcoming trip for Father’s Day Weekend and I decided to check out Opentable for a special dinner on Nantucket.

Low and behold The Brandt Point Grill is on Opentable and I instantly booked it for 6:00 PM on Sunday June 16!

A Hotel Restaurant

Brandt Point Grill is located inside the White Elephant Hotel on Nantucket. The White Elephant is one of the top hotels on the island and very expensive.

How expensive? Here’s what I found for the “Best Available” rate for the Friday night before The 4th of July week…

Your eyes aren’t fooling you – one night, one room – $1.795!

With room rates like this, you have to wonder what you’ll have to pay for dinner at their waterfront restaurant. I’ll give you a hint – not as much as you think.

The Atmosphere

You enter the Point Point Grill through the right side of the elegant entrance to the White Elephant…

The White Elephant Nantucket

The main dining room has an entire wall open to Nantucket Harbor…

Photo from yelp

This photo came to us from other dinners on yelp because the night we dined at Brandt Point was rainy and they had the plastic curtains down.

Here’s a short video I shot as we walked in…

If I had booked Brandt Point for a special seaside dinner and discovered the plastic curtains were down, I may have been disappointed, but this was our 3rd day living in boats on the water and it was perfect!

The Food

Mrs. Horne and I ate Father’s Day Brunch at The Island Kitchen at 11:00 AM, so we were sporting healthy appetites by 6:00. Although the menu at Brandt Point is somewhat limited, there are options available that should please most palettes.

We’ve recently adopted a fun and somewhat economical approach to dining by ordering individual appetizers, sharing an entree and a side, and if were still hungry – a dessert.

It’s a great way to sample a variety of dishes while keeping the bill within on budget.

Mrs. Horne started with her traditional Caesar. The one they serve at Brandt Point has pickled red onions tossed in. I never thought of it, but it’s a great twist.

Last season I sampled Octopus at Proprietors Table and I liked it so I started with the Brandt Point version…

Since this was only the second time I’d had it, I can’t really compare it, but I can tell you it was outstanding – kind of like lobster tail, but a little tougher. Okay, I’ll compare it to the one served at Proprietors Table, I liked this one better.

Since it was Father’s Day, and I’m a father, Mrs. Horne volunteered to share the Prime Rib Eye steak. I quickly accepted!

I think the Rib Eye is the riskiest dish you can order at a restaurant:

1. It’s usually among the most expensive items on the menu ($59 at Brandt Point).

2. It’s easy to cook one that’s tender and juicy, you just have to season it and let it come to room temperature for 2-3 hours. This is simple, but given the cost of the ingredient, many restaurants skip this step.

3. No one knows what it looks like inside until the customer slices it open.

I have sent so many back that Mrs. Horne cringes every time I order one!

That said, it’s hard to imagine that a place like Brandt Point can’t turn out a great steak so we ordered one and they did not let us down!

And if this juicy slab of meat wasn’t enough, we added a Blue Cheese sauce.

Can’t have meat without a great potato side, so I ordered the crispy fingerlings…

I love fingerlings when they’re simply baked, but slice em and deep fry them and you’ve got the greatest “natural style” french fry imaginable.

By the way, the Rib Eye was cooked perfectly…

Note the perfectly down “medium rare plus” red inside.

Jon opted for the “Spring Dine for $45″…

This option borders on economical. In addition to one of the two appetizer and entree options above, you also get to order anything from the dessert menu – all for $45.

Jon started with The Caramelized Cauliflower Mousse…

He then went with the Salmon for his main…

He also ordered a side of Asparagus…

Joan ordered the filet…

And to top it all off, we both ordered a Key Lime Tort…

The Solid Dining Option on Nantucket

We’ve now eaten in most of the top ranked restaurants on Nantucket. I would easily include Brandt Point on that list. They offer the kind of protein heavy menu you’d expect in a big city steak and seafood restaurant. It is without a doubt the best seaside atmosphere on Nantucket and despite being located in a very pricey resort, check wasn’t silly…

I particularly liked having the option of ordering one glass of Jordan Cab ($29) and receiving a proper pour.

The next time I go to Nantucket, I’ll book a table here for at least one night on Opentable well in advance.