Many of our friends at The Bay Club in Mattapoisett also own boats. Years ago we started organizing summer outings at sea with as many members as we could fit!

This year Doc Ruel’s True North and Mark Palm’s Dee’s Dream returned. Paul Souza and his Cabo – Major Motion came along for the first time.

5 years ago we started boating with this group by doing luncheons at our sister club – The Sakonnet in Rhode Island. It was fun, but a tad predictable.

Then three years ago my friend Tony suggested that we spend the entire day on the water and The Ocean Bay Club took a major turn for the better.

In 2017 we did Weepecket Island and last year we did Lake Tashmoo.

These are both great gunkholes, but they did take some time to reach and while they do appeal to those of us who travel Buzzards Bay weekly, their esoteric vibe is lost on friends who are only on the water a few times a year.

Bassetts Island

If you’re a regular follower of My Buzzards Bay then you know Bassetts Island well. I think everyone would agree that it’s the #1 gunkhole on Buzzards Bay and for good reason.

Typical Saturday Afternoon behind Bassetts Island

First off, it’s very close to most of the major ports on Buzzards Bay; less than 10 miles from Mattapoisett.

Second, it’s perfectly well protected from the Southwest Blow and when you’re bow is into the prevailing wind, you get a nice view of Redbrook Harbor and Cape Cod.

Third, the continuous wind sand beaches are reminiscent of tropical islands all over the world.

A Jimmy Buffett Kinda Day

When the Ocean Bay Club traveled to The Sakonnet Club in 2016, it was rather civilized, that is until we decided to drop anchor off of Cuttyhunk on the way home and Doc Ruel started serving Margarita’s!

Larry said “Dave, grab your guitar” and suddenly our ship of old souls was transported to Margaritaville! I think that’s when Tony decided it would be no more yacht club luncheons for us.

Last year I began mixing up a gallon of authentic Maui Mai Tai’s with fresh pineapple, Mrs. Horne crafted a 2 hour mix of 1980’s disco hits, and the result is a 5 hour party on the water that would make Jimmy Buffett proud.

Fun in the Sun

Folks have been jumping off the back and swimming for the last 3 years, but this was the first time I jumped in. One more plus for the north side of Bassetts Island is the water temperature – about 78 degrees on July 11th.

I’ll leave you with my photo album from that day – annotated of course.

Bill Burke and Mrs. Horne with the True North Crew in the background…
Girls just wanna have fun…
Ray and a bevy of beauties on Vigilant’s back deck
Dee’s Dream Crew
The Captain holding court…
Soaking up the day…