I spend most of my summer aboard Vigilant savoring our life at sea, visiting great ports, and enjoying great food and music.

I do have a mainland hobby that pops up every summer about this time and robs my soul – FANTASY FOOTBALL!

This weekend our dear friends Jake and Peggy are joining us for the Vigilant Southern Cruise as we tour 3 states in 5 days (MA, RI, and CT).

Not only is Jake a great friend, but he’s also the Commissioner of my Fantasy Football League.

Our Draft is August 26 and usually around August 1st, Jake does a lottery to determine the draft pick order.

Since Jake was going to be onboard this week, we decided to conduct the lottery on the aft deck of Vigilant.

To make it even more dramatic, we created a video of the event.

It’s probably only going to be interesting to the 12 owners in our league, but feel free to watch it if you’re into this sort of things…