Last year we were on our way to Newport when we happened by Fort Adams, heard some great music, and made a “note to self,” to come back next year for a picnic.

That turned out to be this weekend and I remembered!

Return of our #1 Crew

No guest couple has cruised with us more than Mrs. Horne’s sister Gail and her husband Rudy.

They’ve been busy all season with family matters, so we were delighted that they were able to join us for this fun weekend.

I was also delighted since my first mate – Mrs. Horne broke her wrist playing tennis and Rudy’s a Navy Veteran who’s not only very capable, but also familiar with Mrs. Horne’s Rules!

Changes At The Deck

We selected West Wind Marina for Saturday night hoping to hang out at The Deck In the afternoon and see great local live music.

The restaurant business is tough and far be it for me to suggest how The Deck runs things, but this will probably be our last stay in West Wind due to changes at The Deck.

I strive to stay positive at all times on this site, but since I’ve recommended The Deck and West Wind in the past, I feel obligated to tell that I’m retracting it.

For reasons that I don’t understand, The Deck has stopped running live music on Saturday afternoon and evening. Instead, they’re going with DJ’s playing recorded music.

I’m hoping they realize the error of their ways. As we returned from dinner on Saturday, I stopped by The Deck. It’s usually packed at 8:00 PM, but instead it was pretty much empty…

I love it when “the market speaks.” Oh yeah, the other negative about West Wind is the very loud night club pounding out hip hop until 1:00 AM. Never again…

Actually, we did see some great local talent busking on Thames Street as we walked home from a great meal at 22 Bowens…

They call themselves Hollow Turtle and while they sound like they’re visiting from Belfast, they’re actually local boys from Bourne and Plymouth. I ended up shooting quite a few songs, so I’ll be publishing a Live Music Video in the coming days.

Fortunately, I’d booked The Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina for Sunday night, so I knew we’d get to see some local talent

Breakfast at Gary’s

With a picnic on the agenda for Sunday, we decided to go out for breakfast.

I’ll be publishing a full report down the road, but here are a few photos of this iconic diner…

Gary cooks everything himself…

Gary mans the flat top and the food flies out of the kitchen. If you like diners, you’ll love Gary’s.

Festival Time!

We left West Wind and anchored on the southwest side of Fort Adams. My thinking was to have the wind push us parallel to the stage to maximize sound quality and perhaps catch a view of the Jumbotron.

We set the anchor at 10:45 and the music started at 11:15. When I think of the Newport Folk Festival I think of Woody Guthrie, Joan Bias, and Dylan shocking the music world when he plugged in his electric guitar in 1964. It wasn’t quite like that.

But before I get to the music, a moment on setting the anchor. We were in 20′ of water and I dropped 100′ of chain and backed down at 5 knots. We hooked, but we watched no less than 20 boats try to do the same and fail. I’m not sure what the bottom was, but I’m thinking rocks. With a 45 lb. anchor and an all chain rode, we bit. Most who failed had 12 lb. Danforth’s and tried to bite with 30′ of rode – not happening.

Now back to the music. Here’s the Sunday line up…

The jazz band was very good. They started out with a couple of improvisation songs, but eventually played sort of a Miami Sound Machine – which was perfect.

The second act was Stephen Marley, as in Bob Marley son and Ziggy’s brother.

This was probably the best act of the day (at least for me).

The Festival Scene Afloat

As you may suspect, we’re always busy doing something. So for us to drop an anchor at 10:45 with nothing much to do but groove and take in the sights was a little out of the ordinary. Nevertheless, once we settled in it was a lot of fun and very relaxing.

Around 12:30, I fired up the hot top and made Captain’s Rubens for everyone.

Jewel – A Bull in The China Shop

By 1:30, the anchor field was pretty much full and Stephen Marley had brought us all to Jamaica.

Suddenly a 40’ triple decker decides to try to drop anchor in the little space between Vigilant and the Stage.

Of course his anchor doesn’t hold either, but what’s worse is there’s no room for this big boat amid a sea of 25 footers.

I’m guessing the captain may have hit the grog a little early because he was backing down aggressively and nearly hitting every boat in his path.

Just then he comes our way and nearly hits Vigilant on the port side. His anchor temporarily grabbed and he swung about 10 feet off our stern.

That was enough for Mrs. Horne and she laid into the captain of the Jewel like only she can. Needless to say he pulled up his anchor and disappeared with his proverbial tail between his legs…

Instant Karma At The Docks

There was clearly a problem with the concert. No one performed from 2:30 to 3:30, so we pulled up the anchor and headed back to the Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina.

As we tied up I noticed the notorious Jewel directly behind us with her aft cockpit facing ours.

The captain kept a safe distance from Mrs. Horne, but the crew chatted graciously, leaving no doubt that they were embarrassed by the incident in the anchor field.

At around 5:30, the Jewel cast off and that’s when the captain’s brush with Instant Karma occurred.

He put the rudder hard to port and applied far too much throttle. His stern smashed into the dock and we could hear fiberglass shatter.

His crew started screaming and that’s when we knew he was drunk. He put it into reverse and hit the throttle again, smashing the floating dock over and over again like a floating demolition derby.

The embarrassment on the faces of his crew was priceless.

An Evening In Newport

We made dinner reservations at Fluke, but stopped at The Landing for a little more live music before we ate.

The band was called Fire and Knives and they were incredible.

Dinner at Fluke was flawless as usual, although Rudy did suffer “sticker shock” when his $34 Steamers arrived. They were perfectly cooked, but there were only 9 clams! That’s almost $4 per clam!

I have done a few reviews on Fluke, but here’s a couple of photos…

I shot 5 minutes of these guys and I’ll create a Live Music Video later.

We ended our unusual day in Newport at a usual dinner venue – Fluke.

As is always the case at Fluke, all the food was prepared perfectly. That said, Rudy had a little “sticker shock” when his $34 Steamer appetizer arrived – it consisted of 9 clams, as in $3.75 per clam!

They were perfectly done with a nice pistachio butter, but seriously!

Here’s a few photos of the rest of our dinner…

The day also ended in the usual way with captain and crew gazing at the stars on the aft deck on Vigilant…