We dined at Kimberly’s Friday night for the second time. It was our anniversary and we were back on Block Island with our good friends Gary and Amy, so we were looking for a special dinner.

Kimberly Ward is a culinary icon on Block Island. She was the chef at Dead Eye Dicks and owner of the Beachhead before opening “A Place Of Her Own.”


In addition to her namesake restaurant, she also owns The Block Island Oyster Bar and Grill on New Harbor.

The dining room inside is island chic, but I’ve never eaten inside. The front yard at Kimberly’s is filled with tables and covered with beautiful trees.

The Food

Since we’ve dined at Kimberly’s twice, I have more than one meals worth of photographs.

Beyond the consistently worthy food Kimberly turns out, she also offers a menu with a wide variety of options.

Last year I started out with the potstickers. This is not an Asian restaurant by any measure, but Kimberly is very adept at this style and you’ll always find well executed options with a Far East flare …

This year we tried one of Kimberly’s staple appetizers, Fried Oysters with a spicy aioli…

They too were perfectly prepared, but the star of the evening was the starter Amy ordered – Thai Wings…

The secret to these wonderful wings is in the prep. They’re fried to a hard crisp before being tossed in the fragrant Thai sweet ginger sauce.

Of course no dinner would be complete without Mrs. Horne’s Caesar Salad, which is special in that it’s tossed with shaved Parmesan Reggiano.

Last year Rudy ordered the White Fish, which was Cod lightly crusted in panko and Parmesan…

Before I get to my entree (which includes a special story), a few words on the fries.

New Fries In The House

As a home chef, I tend to be a tough critic on restaurant dishes I cook myself. I also tend to order dishes I love, but seldom make at home. This is my rationale for ordering fries every where I go…

These were the fries Kimberly was serving in 2018. There was nothing wrong with these classic steakhouse fries, but they were a tad “1980’s”

This year I once again ordered fries, but much to my delight, they’re New and Improved!

These may look like the sort of fries you might find in a chain, but they most definitely were not!

Each of these were hand cut and fried to perfection with a crisp salty skin and soft puffy potatoes inside.

The Steak’s Tale

The only entree I’ve ever ordered at Kimberly’s has been the Steak Au Poivre. Kimberly told me that her husband had made it for her the night before their wedding and it’s been on her restaurant menus ever since.

My 2018 Steak Au Poivre

Last year Mrs. Horne and I shared one and it was cooked perfectly. Beware, this is a very spicy dish! The spice comes from the freshly cracked black pepper that’s encrusted into the steak before it’s seared in screaming hot cast iron pan and finished in cream and cognac.

On Friday morning we walked to New Harbor and I raved about the Steak Au Poivre to the point that everyone wanted it for dinner.

As I said, we all had appetizers, so we split two dinners between the four of us…

The kitchen divided the meals for us, but the plating was still perfect.

Although the Au Poivre was wonderful, as soon as we started eating, we all realized it was far from the Medium Rare we’d all ordered…

In fact it was pretty much Well Done. Knowing that I’m bit of a Kitchen Nazi when it comes to restaurant steak preparation, Mrs. Horne said “David, don’t you say a thing.”

I was actually okay with that. I love Kimberly and despite the burnt steak sitting in front of me, my tummy was pretty happy.

I’d enjoyed some great appetizers, fries, and at least the taste of Steak Au Poivre.

Almost on queue, our server stopped by to ask “how’s everything?”

Mrs. Horne spoke up and said, “this isn’t medium rare, you may just want to let the kitchen know so they can make adjustments in the future.”

A few minutes later she returned and said “My deepest apologies, I know you ordered Medium Rare, but for some reason I wrote down Medium Well!”

To which I said “Well then, this steak is perfectly cooked to medium well.”

Mrs. Horne thought that was the end of it, but knowing Kimberly, I doubted it.

Sure enough Kimberly showed up a few minutes later with a platter of Steak Au Poivre cooked perfectly Medium Rare.

We thanked her and told her it wasn’t necessary. We then dove in and devoured it.

Kimberly also made a generous adjustment to our check and that’s all I’m going to say about that!

Would I have preferred a perfectly cooked steak the first time?

Yes of course, but I have to say this was the most gracious recovery I’ve ever experienced following a restaurant mistake.

And I’ll certainly return to Kimberly’s the next time on BI to order a Steak Au Poivre!