We first had lunch at The Surfside Smokehouse in 2015. We were visiting Plymouth on a day trip with Paula, Peter, and Mary Lee.

Back then we were on Tenacity (Back Cove 37 DE), which was faster than Vigilant, but it still took 2 hours each way and burned 80 gallons of diesel! Kind of a long run for good BBQ.

Since then we’ve visited Plymouth many times, but yesterday was the first time we returned to Surfside.

The Surfside Smokehouse is located in the heart of Plymouth Marine.

Safe Harbor Marina

Plymouth Marine is now owned by Safe Harbor Marinas. They are the largest marina operators in the world… I have stayed at a number of Safe Harbor Marinas and everyone has been a delight.

They spare no expense on their floating docks and utility hookups.

They also have first class dockhands and most have a great Seaside Eatery located within the boat yard.

At Safe Harbor Plymouth, that eatery is The Surfside Smokehouse.

The Surfside Smokehouse

The restaurant sits on the edge of the marina virtually hanging over the water.

View from our table
View from our table…

The atmosphere is definitely “BBQ Joint,” with plenty of picnic tables, but there are also several regular (more comfortable) seats as well…

The Food

The first time I ate here I ordered the homemade smoked kielbasa sandwich with fries and it was excellent.

I wasn’t doing My Buzzards Bay in 2015 so I didn’t take a photo, but I certainly did yesterday.

As I’ve mentioned before, the mark of a great BBQ Joint is the homemade sauces and Surfside did not disappoint…

I sampled all three (Gold, Hot, and Sweet) and each was totally legit on its own.

I’d say the Gold was my favorite – kind of a Memphis vinegar and mustard, but I really enjoyed mixing them to create my own.

By the way, I tested my sauce mixture on an excellent order of Burnt Ends…

These burnt ends weren’t as burnt as some I’ve had, but full of Smokehouse flavor and tender enough to cut with a fork.

I also have to compliment the assorted homemade pickles.

I’d add “homemade pickles” as something that a legit Smokehouse offers.

Mrs. Horne is not a huge fan of smoked meats, although she readily sampled my burnt ends.

If you’re like her and you think you won’t enjoy Surfside Smokehouse because you don’t like smoked meat, think again.

Surfside also offers a complete menu of seafood dishes.

Mrs Horne ordered the Lobster Quesadilla and she was very happy…

Not only were these built on the burrito sized tortillas, but they were stuffed with freshly steamed lobster.

We’re in Plymouth for three days before heading to Newport for the Boat Show. I’m thinking I may have lunch here again today!


As predicted, we returned to Surfside Smokehouse for lunch on Monday.

We met Kristy who does pretty much everything that needs to be done there.

Kristy mentioned she was working on Nantucket Sunday at B-ACK Yard BBQ. I should have figured out that they own both restaurants.

Kristy is also friends with Harris and Nancy who we cruise with and enjoy Patriots games with in California.

We had a Caesar and Smokehouse Wings for lunch…

We loved it so much that we returned at 4:00 for “Buck-a-Shuck” oyster happy hour (actually 3-6).

Yep, still love this place!