I planned to start publishing my 2020 updated destination and restaurant reviews on April 1st. But nothing is going as planned in the Spring of 2020.

We’re now 18 or 19 days into the National Pandemic Shutdown and although we’re doing fine, I think everyone is getting anxious to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ned Kaiser and the boys at Mattapoisett Boat Yard hauled Vigilant out of the barn in early March and they thoughtfully sent us a photo…

A few days later our dear friend Joan Ruel was out walking around Mattapoisett Village and she shot another photo…

Then the governor of Massachusetts shut the state down until May 4 and sadly the boat yard is considered “non essential.”

I spoke to Ned earlier in the week and he said they only needed 3-4 more days of work to get us launched.

Yesterday I pushed out our return flight to May 13 and GOD WILLING, we’ll be back on Buzzards Bay before the scheduled opening day at The Chartroom.

As you may know, I am an avid biker. When I got to California in November I bought an ebike that enables my severely arthritic knee to pedal forever (versus about an hour on my regular bike. )

Since the National Shut Down began, I’ve logged between 500 and 600 miles and quite honestly, I think biking has been keeping me sane and healthy (at least healthier..)

The My Corona Video

Like 9/11, this too will pass and these days will fade into our collective memories. On Wednesday I decided to take video clips as I rode around the Coachella Valley with an eye toward creating an MBB video that captured the feelings of these days.

I ended up riding 45 miles that day and got plenty of footage. A great music video needs a great soundtrack and I picked what I consider the greatest rock ballad ever written Stairway To Heaven.

So my dear friend, please enjoy, be safe, and Be A Rock (and do not Roll)…