8 weeks ago the whole Covid 19 Pandemic hit me like a ton of bricks. Fear of the unknown, Stay At Home Orders, no restaurants, golf, and of course friggin masks!

Pretty much all I could do was ride my bike around the Coachella Valley all day and stream Howie Carr on my ear buds. After two weeks of this I published my first My Corona MBB Video (click below to see)…

My Corona – An MBB Video

In case you missed it, I highly recommend that you set aside 8 minutes, grab a boat drink, and settle into your favorite car.

It’s both haunting and uplifting at the same time. I set it to Led Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven because so many of the lyrics seemed to match my mood.

Beyond simply staying busy, I also did My Corona as a way to document the eerie vibe I was living through – I think it will be something I’ll look back on in years to come.

I shared My Corona on a lot of social media platforms and much to my delight, I probably received more appreciative comments than any other MBB Video I’ve created…

These are just a few of the 50-100 comments I received, so I knew I was on to something!

My Corona II – A Beautiful Day

Buoyed by all of your kind words, my mind immediately started racing to imagine a follow on music video that would capture my mood over the first month’s return to a near normal life on the East Coast. And with that I started shooting video!

I set this video to U2’s Beautiful Day and it chronicles my final few weeks in California, my flight east, and my first few weeks back here on Buzzards Bay.

I hope you enjoy it and remember – SHARING IS CARING!

My Corona II – Beautiful Day