With Massachusetts loosening Covid 19 boating restrictions on May 25th, we decided it was time to invite our first guests out for what we hoped to be a temporary new normal Dock and Dine experience.

My friend Doc Ruel is anxiously waiting for MBY to launch his Pursuit 34 – True North, so we figured he and his wife Joan were ready to get out on the water.

Doc Ruel and Joan

Back To Oak Bluffs

Our boating season is short. Even in a normal season, there are some dock and dine venues that only open for lunch on weekends during May. And Covid 19 has made matters even worse.

After a number of phone calls, I crossed The Chart Room, Black Dog Tavern, and The Sail Loft off the list. None are doing midweek lunch takeout.

This left The Fisherman’s View in Sandwich and Coope de Ville in Oaks Bluff. We’d just been to Sandwich on Sunday, so we were ready to go back to OB, but Buzzards Bay was socked in with fog at dawn and I’ll never go through Woods Hole in the fog again, so we kept the F/V as a foggy day option.

By 1:00 Buzzards Bay had cleared and we were off heading to Oak Bluffs.

Lobsterfest Tuesday!

During my research on Dock and Dines opened on Tuesdays, I came across the Coop de Ville Facebook page…

My heart ached for my new friend Petey Brerdt when I saw his post about Memorial Day being a bust, but I was thrilled to hear that Tuesday’s are Lobsterfest Days at Coop de Ville.

Petey Berdt

May 26, 2020 – A Perfect Boating Day

Once the fog lifted, we were left with a near calm Bluebird Day…

Mattapoisett Harbor May 26, 2020

It was interesting to see that boats were coming back to the harbor. I’d say we’re 50% of normal.

We made the run to Oak Bluffs in about 50 minutes cruising at around 25 MPH.

My heart sang when we pulled into the boat basin and spotted a huge open spot on the bulkhead in front of The Sandbar.

Coop de Ville seems to be the center of activity along the boardwalk with about a dozen people hanging out and talking with the staff. As we settled in for the afternoon, we started engaging in conversations with people walking by.

Bobby and Steve

We met a terrific couple from Mashpee who make the run across the sound several nights a week on their Regulator.

By the way, everyone was maintaining social distancing and had a mask ready. I’m not sure they were following protocols to “stay safe,” I just think people want to avoid any issues with government officials.

Food From The Coop

Mrs. Horne was getting hungry, so we ordered from the Coop and everything appeared hot and tasty in about 10 minutes.

The 1/2 – 5 Medium Buffalo Wings and Fries
The Single – 10 Dry Jamaican Wings
Fish and Chips
The Star of the Day – $16 on Lobsterfest Tuesday

This was the first day for takeout on Vigilant that was warm enough to eat “Al Fresco” and it was quite nice!

Will June 8 be a Magic Day?

After our mid afternoon meal, I went over and talked to the guys sprucing up The Sand Bar…

They were raking out the sand and doing some construction. I asked them if they were planning on opening and they said “Yes – June 8th…”

A few weeks ago I heard Steve DiFillipo (owner of Davios and member of the state reopening board) said the board was planning on opening both outside and inside dining on June 8th.

I certainly hope so…

The OB Scene

We shoved off around 4:00, but before we did, I snapped a video and some random images of the OB Basin to provide you with a feel for the vibe…

Beating The Fog Home

The ride home was just as fast and smooth as the ride over.

As we approached Woods Hole, you could see the fog pouring in from Menemsha and just reaching Tarpaulin Cove…

By the time we got home, Buzzards Bay was completely locked in fog. It’s nice when you hit the weather window just right!

Looking forward to some great boating weather starting Sunday, but I suspect we’ll end up back at Coope de Ville…