Before I get into our recent story, let me give you a quick update on the Buzzards Bay Dock and Dine situation as of June 2, 2020.

As of today, you’re limited to three venues:

1. Oak Bluffs – Dock at the Marina or take a Town Mooring and launch to town where you can get takeout from a number of downtown restaurants. I’ve reviewed Coop deVille and that’s my recommendation.

2. Sandwich – Dock at the Marina and takeout from either The Pilot House or Fisherman’s View (more on this to follow.)

3. Cataumet – Order and pay by phone from The Chart Room, circle the Dock until your order is ready, then “touch and go” pickup from the front dock at Kingman. Presumably then go anchor behind Bassetts Island to dine.

I have checked regularly with The Sail Loft in Padanaram and The Black Dog Tavern. Both are only doing takeout for dinner. There is no launch service in Edgartown, so you can forget about that too.

After June 8?

We are expecting the Governor to announce the resumption of some form of outdoor dining starting next week (June 8). The wording of the announcements leads me to believe that restaurants will likely be granted broad leeway in terms of what constitutes “outdoors.”

Late Sunday night, the following statement appeared on the WCVB Boston website

Restaurants will be allowed to reopen with those restrictions in Phase 2, which can begin June 8 at the earliest. Establishments must operate outdoor table service “as much as possible” during Phase 2. Diners can be moved inside later in Phase 2, but tables must still be at least 6 feet apart.

And in an earlier article they reported this…

  • Restaurants may not seat any customers at the bar, but bar areas may be re-configured to accommodate table seating that complies with all other COVID-19 safety requirements;
  • Restaurants will be allowed to maximize outdoor dining space, including patios and parking lots where available, where municipal approval is obtained.

I take this to mean that the front porch at The Chart Room and The Sail Loft will be considered “outdoors”. I can also imagine tables set up in the grass and/or Adirondack section at The Chartroom…

This could essentially returning the Chart Room to full capacity, although they’ll need a couple of more windows for Mudslides.

I think we’ll see a lot of creative use of parking lots and rent-a-tents until at least June 22, when we’re told some form of indoor dining may return.

Seeking Refuge From The Pandemic

It’s clear that boating is perhaps the best way to escape today’s craziness and find something near normal. Sunday was our 5th day out since we launched on May 15 and given that we’d been to OB on Thursday, we decided to return to Sandwich with an eye towards trying Fisherman’s View.

Truth be told, the brisk northwest wind was also a factor in that the 20 mile run from Mattapoisett to the F/V would be on near flat seas.

Interestingly, my friends Ben and Becky took my suggestion on Sunday and made the trip to OB and Coop deVille for dinner. Ben waited til the winds died down at 4:00 and had a very smooth trip…

We also chose the smoothest sea option because we decided to bring along “Crazy Daisy,” our West Highland Terrier. Daisy doesn’t like driving or boating, but we’re still trying to change her mind.

After a frantic start getting her on the boat, she settled down sitting as close as possible to “her mommy” (Mrs. Horne),

The light chop and brisk winds splashed on the windows, but that didn’t bother Daisy…

We were treated with a FaceTime “visit” from our grandkids as we entered the Cape Cod Canal. The call ended as we passed the Railroad Bridge and Mrs. Horne settled in for the 35 minute canal cruise with a cold one…

The winds picked up a bit as we got near Sandwich and Mrs. Horne asked “Can we just go to The Pilot House, it’ll be an easier docking.”

That was fine with me, the Pilot House it was!

The Persistence’s Trip To Watertown

Right after we tied up, a fellow came up and asked us about the seas to the north.

Jack Foley

His name was Jack Foley and he’s a licensed captain from Boston helping his friend JT take his new boat from Bass River on the Cape to his home port in Watertown.


They told me they had gotten three miles north and the seas were just too rough for the 35 mile run to Watertown so they came back.

After a while, the winds seemed to die down ever-so-slightly and they took off again in Persistence

As he shoved off Jack said “It’s going be now or we’ll be back here for the night.”

They never returned so hopefully they made it safely home.

Lunch at The Pilot House

We switched it up and didn’t have fried seafood for lunch…

Mrs. Horne loved the wings. I ordered my typical go-to lunch at The Chart Room which is the Ruben. The one at the Chart Room is quite good, but I have to say this one was significantly better…

It was almost as thick as a New York Deli Ruben and very moist. The homemade Russian dressing was totally legit.

A Beautiful Refuge

When I went to pick up our lunch, I noticed some empty Adirondack Chairs on the grass between Gallow Road and The Pilot House.

After lunch I asked Mrs. Horne if she wanted to go up there and hang out for a while. She said “Sure” and we packed up Daisy and went up the hill to enjoy the afternoon.

This appears to be a safe place that’s not exactly part of the restaurant, but was being enjoyed by a few takeout customers who have improvised this little slice of Cape Cod Heaven to create an enjoyable outdoor dining experience during this Covid era.

There are “exactly 10” seats in 3-4 clusters that are all 10-15’ apart.

There were 3 other groups and as long as everyone spoke up, we were able to engage in conversation.

It’s was very nice to meet new friends again. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of strangers socially shouting across tables once the restaurants reopen with outside dining.

Raw Bar and BBQ Too!

The food from The Pilot House is always great and they’ve added an outdoor station serving Cold Seafood and BBQ…

Give The Pilot House a Try!

Although it’s looking like we just one more week until things really start to get back to some form of normal, I highly recommend takeout on the Adirondacks at The Pilot House if you’re seeking a Covid 19 refuge this weekend.

A Sweet Run Home

We left around 3:00 and the winds had indeed died down. I never tire of the lazy cruise back home…

Back in Mattapoisett we were treated to one of the most gorgeous sunsets ever!

We’re thinking about venturing to Rhode Island on Thursday for our first real restaurant experience since March 16…

Stay tuned…