We’re in Newport for the weekend and although most things are pretty normal (15% of the people on street are wearing masks), one huge thing hit us as soon as we tried to stop for a drink – YOU NEED RESERVATIONS EVERYWHERE!

With this in mind, I’ve made all of our reservations for Nantucket and thought I’d share them with you:

  • For dinner we booked Union 56, Breeze, and Brandt Point via Open Table
  • For lunch we booked The Whale on Open Table and Cru through their email reservation system.
  • For Father’s Day brunch, I attempted to book Island Kitchen via Open Table and it’s booked out all weekend. I discovered Proprietors does brunch and I booked them for Father’s Day, but you have to give them a credit card and pay $25PP if you no- show.

Finally, we just discovered that Nantucket now has eBike Rentals at Wheels of Delight and I suspect we may take them up on it Friday.

Original Story

A few weeks ago, I ran into my fellow Nantucket Flotilla Captain David Duchaine and asked him “ What do you think, are we doing Nantucket in June?”

“Oh yeah,” he said, “I’ll be there…”

Our Father’s Day Tradition

Mrs. Horne and I both lost our fathers in 2005 and our only daughter lives in Southern California, so “we’re free” on Father’s Day weekend.

My friend Doc Ruel has been traveling to Nantucket for Father’s Day weekend for years and we started joining him in 2018.

Since then, we’ve spent many days on this wonderful little island and although we’ve done a few short cruises earlier in the season, the trip to Nantucket truly marks the beginning of the summer season.

Nantucket On Sale!

Before I get into what’s open, I must explain why we’ve made Nantucket our Father’s Day tradition.

The Nantucket Boat Basin is probably the best located and best operated marina in New England. They offer an off-season discount rate of $1.75/foot. A week later it’s $8.75/foot and in the dead of summer it’s $12.75/foot!

What’s Open on Nantucket?

With the whole Covid 19 shutdown, and the natural isolation of the Island, I’ve been getting nervous about whether or not anything would be open by Father’s Day Weekend.

I few weeks ago I emailed Sarah Santos – The Operations Manager at the Nantucket Boat Basin to see if the marina would be open…

Sarah replied that same day with a relatively positive report…

With the first thing scratched off my “worry list” (could we even tie up?), the next question was – is there anywhere to eat?

Nantucket tends to be cool in late June and I was hoping that there would be both outdoor and limited indoor dining in Massachusetts when we went to Phase 2 on June 8.

Alas, all we got was outdoor dining.

There are some restaurants on Nantucket like Brandt Point Grill, that have a beautiful outdoor dining room that’s even nice in lousy weather (see my 2019 review).

Having enjoyed a great Father’s Day dinner there last year, I wrote them directly to see if they were open…

This news alone pretty much means we’ll be back on Nantucket for Father’s Day Weekend. We can easily eat at Brandt Point 2 or 3 nights if necessary! I immediately booked dinner on June 21 on opentable.com.

There is a great seaside bar and restaurant right at the NBB called Cru. I’m not sure why I’ve never eaten there, but I have walked by it a dozen times and it looks great.

So I emailed Cru next…

At this point I knew I had at least two meals covered so it was time to do more research. One morning while browsing the internet, I found a very useful page that lists the status of restaurants on Nantucket…

This is a wonderful page FROM THE GOVERNMENT that seems to constantly update and you can click on the name of many restaurants and go straight to their website.

By the way, this is just page one of three. Click below to get the current week’s latest status…

Restaurants Open On Nantucket

A quick tour through this list gives me all the confidence I need to set plans for our annual trip. NOTE: The town publishes a new page for each week, so you’ll need to search to get the June 15-21 update.

Here are few open spots I plan check out…


Galley Beach

The Sandbar


Of course, I’m sure Mrs. Horne and I will make the long, but scenic trek to the Island Kitchen (click for my 2019 review) for a Father’s Day Mimosa and Bloody Mary!

Right now, the forecast is calling for highs in the 70’s from the 18th to the 22nd. Mrs. Horne and I don’t mind eating late afternoon, so that’s an option. NBB has a great takeout pizza place – Oath, right next to Cru, so we can always eat out when it’s still warm from 3-4 and then grab a pizza from Oath around 8:00.

The Jeep Trip

The only question left was would we be able to rent a Jeep and head out to lighthouse. Again, a quick search revealed that the answer was YES.

Affordable Jeep Rentals is open…

UPDATE – eBikes on Nantucket

As you may know, I’m a huge electric bike fan. I just learned that Easy Riders is now renting eBikes on Nantucket. I’m sure we’ll be taking one out for a spin!

So at this point I’d say Nantucket is a go. I’m targeting Thursday June 18 for arrival and returning Monday June 22.

The Newport Backup Plan

At this point, the only thing that could squash our annual Father’s Day trip to Nantucket is weather (what else is new?)

Just in case, I made opentable.com reservations in Newport. I’m not thinking wind, as much as cold. Rhode Island is open for indoor dining.

If you’re heading out for Father’s Day weekend, consider this rare Nantucket bargain. And if you’re at the Nantucket Boat Basin, stop by and say hello…

I’ll close by sharing an MBB video I created on our 2018 visit…