By now you know that we sold Vigilant to a wonderful Mattapoisett couple – Tom and Terry. And you know that we bought a Sabre 48 Fly Bridge and named her RELENTLESS.

We took our first cruise over Labor Day Weekend to Edgartown with our #1 crew – Gail and Rudy.

Rudy and Gail

They arrived Thursday night and we naturally had to show them Relentless and enjoy sunset cocktails from the fly bridge in our slip at the Mattapoisett Boat Yard…

Friday morning was picture perfect as we ran over to Edgartown at a very quiet 30 mph…

This was our second stay at one of the two slips at the Edgartown Harbormaster’s Dock…

Relentless has twin pod drives (as opposed to Vigilant’s single straight shaft and thrusters). The pods are clearly more maneuverable, but Vigilant’s thrusters are nice when you just want to go sideways.

Pulling into the narrow slip was just my second docking via the pods, but it was uneventful, which is always a good thing!

Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon

After an obligatory lunch at The Seafood Shanty

We adjourned to Relentless’ fly bridge and watched all the action in Edgartown Harbor…

The fly bridge is really nice for getting up above neighboring boats in a marina and taking in the day.

Relentless also has a large aft cockpit and although the stairs to the fly bridge somewhat intrude, there is a nice spot for chairs on the port side…

In case you missed it, the 72 degree waters all around the south coast is inundated with Jellyfish…

I spotted dozens of these bad boys in the water around Relentless. They’re called Lion’s Mane and their long tentacles all sting like a bee.

When I was a kid I crashed into one water skiing and man did it hurt.

That said, these are nothing compared to the Portuguese Man of War, which has also been spotted in our local waters

On Sunday we were riding bikes to Oak Bluffs and we stopped on the “Jaws Bridge.” I saw three or four Man of Wars floating under the bridge and into the Sengekontacket Pond.

You can shake off a Lion’s Mane sting, but a Man of War sting is more like a rattlesnake bite and requires immediate medical attention.

Take Out Night…

The fly bridge overlooking Chappy and Edgartown Harbor was so inviting that we decided to stay aboard and order takeout from the Newes. The larger salon on Relentless lends itself to “eating in,” and I think this may become a regular thing.

The Song Game

Mrs. Horne invented a great after dinner group activity called The Song Game. All you need is a good sound system connected to a smart device and a deep on-demand song streaming service (I use Apple Music with its 60 million songs).

The game is simple. Everyone takes a turn (right to left) and calls out a song with some deep emotional meaning in their lives. As the song plays, they can share why the song was so meaningful and others can too.

You end up with an incredibly diverse song list while learning new things about everyone on the boat.

Quiet Saturday

The plan for Saturday was to head over to Lighthouse Beach after a morning walk and lunch in town.

I made banana bread and put out a simple continental breakfast. I tend to get up first and the boat is so quiet that others may not come up til hours later. A continental breakfast works best…

Strawberries and Banana Bread

The walk was great as always…

As I’ve mentioned before, the leisurely walk down by The Harbor View Hotel and back around downtown is probably the most scenic and quaint neighborhood stroll in New England.

As we were walking down Church Street I noticed the 19 Raw Oyster Bar and everything about it looked so inviting that I said “We should come back here for lunch.”

Although we eventually did dine there, everyone was moving so slowly that it was 2:00 before we actually sat down to eat, so I’m not sure it was technically lunch!

19 Raw is my new favorite spot in Edgartown. In no large part, this is due to the incredible Fried Oyster Bahn Mi sandwich they serve…

You can read my full review by clicking here.

The food, the atmosphere, and superb service resulted in everyone agreeing that we would never be able to enjoy the 5:45 dinner reservation I had worked so hard to secure at The Port Hunter.

The takeout/Song Game experience Friday night was such fun that Mrs. Horne lobbied hard for a repeat. I acquiesced, but rather than takeout, I volunteered to prepare a light dinner aboard Relentless.

Mrs. Horne was pushing for the Captain’s Rubens, but I’d had a Ruben the night before, so I simply said “It’ll be a surprise and you’ll love it.”

Rudy and I walked up the road the to Stop and Shop where my surprise dish came together once I knew the available ingredients…

Needless to say, by now it was too late to go to Lighthouse Beach. I’d forgotten that I’d invited Captain Dave and Monette to join us there and as I was walking back to Relentless my phone rang.

“We’re at the beach, where are you?” Dave asked.

“We’re bagging the beach, come over and hang out on the fly bridge with us.” I replied.

Less than a minute later David and Monette pulled up in their RIB and everyone hustled up to the fly bridge.

Captain David and Monette

It’s always nice to host friends onboard and with the addition of a folding chair, the fly bridge comfortably sat six.

Captain’s Surprise!

For my first dinner aboard Relentless, I was looking for something that would pack a flavor punch yet be simple enough for me to prepare in her modest galley.

I was also thinking “finger food” that wasn’t a sandwich, so why not a quesadilla? And I’m a huge fan of fusion dishes so why not mix Mexican, Italian, and Indonesian?

My Editor (Mrs. Horne) reminded me that all boaters aren’t Foodies so I moved the recipe to the end of the story for those who are interested!

Sadly, I was too busy cooking, eating, and playing the Song Game to take a decent photo, but I found this one on the ole Interweb that looks like it.

After dinner we adjourned to the aft deck and played The Song Game til the wee hours of the night (about 9:30 PM.)

Good Night Edgartown

Oak Bluffs Sunday

We had a far more aggressive plan for Sunday. We rented bikes at Edgartown Bicycle and took the scenic bike path to Oak Bluffs for lunch at Coop deVille.

It’s a really special bike path and along the way we stopped at the “JAWS Bridge”.

As I mentioned above, I saw a small school of Portuguese Man of Wars float under the bridge and there are signs everywhere saying NO JUMPING OFF THE BRIDGE!

Absolutely no one cares…

It’s about a 6 mile ride to Oak Bluffs and as I said it’s quite scenic, but therein lies the danger. Twice I had to scream at an oncoming biker who was gazing at the ocean and almost hit me.

Lunch at Coop deVille

The girls got ready earlier than expected, so we ended up arriving at Coop deVille just as they opened (11:30). That was okay since I was hungry and more importantly – thirsty!

Petey (the Coop owner) has really struggled through the pandemic. His business depends on people shoulder to shoulder in his tiny bar and that ain’t happening anytime soon!

I was happy to see that he had channeled his frustration into a new line of shirts…

The Coop is a perfect venue for a boating lunch. The beer is always ice cold…

And the Half Order of wings is the perfect $10 lunch on the water…

The Half Wing order at Coop deVille

It’s five wings and a small batch of fries. The Coop offers a dozen different wing flavors and I’ve tried many. I still like the classic Buffalo style with medium heat.

Dinner on Main Street

We returned to E’ETOILE for dinner Sunday night. We loved our dinner out by Main Street when we ate there with our friends, Gary and Amy, in July. Sunday night wasn’t quite so good in that we were back from Main and in a tent, although autumn was in the air, so it may have been warmer in the tent…

You can click here to read my full review…

The food was excellent as always. I went with the Gnocci appetizer and split the Rack of Lamb with Mrs. Horne…

I will say that the whole pandemic thing is clearly wearing on the nerves of the staff. I’m not sure what happened in Edgartown in August, but things seemed closer to normal when we were there back in July.


I try to stay out of politics on this site, but I’m so over all these silly mandates.

On a positive note, there’s virtually no Covid left on Martha’s Vineyard:

“TestMV has now tested 13,251 with a total of 26 being positive, 12,852 negative”


That works out to a 1.9% positivity rate since DAY ONE. And since we know the death rate for Covid is somewhere south of 0.5%, it’s now clear that absolutely no one is getting ill from Covid on Martha’s Vineyard in September!

At the same time, many business owners have lost everything.

It’s time to move on!

Okay, enough politics for today…

Labor Day at The Chartroom

Labor Day was a perfect day so rather than head home we headed to everyone’s Happy Place – The Chart Room…

We ate under the tent amid the ducks and had a wonderful server.

Sadly, they were out of Steamers, so we tried two new appetizer’s instead…

Both were very good. The Clams Casino left a luscious crock of clammy butter behind. If I ever order this again I’m getting a side of dinner rolls for dipping. The Lobster & Crab dip was hot and meaty but I think they could have come up with a better “platform” than the little Pepperidge Farms bread squares.

Fly Bridge Heaven

We rode home at 15 MPH in Relentless’ Fly Bridge. It’s quite nice and totally different from driving “downstairs”…

All in all, our first cruise on Relentless was sweet. We miss Vigilant, but it’s clear our “new ride” will bring many happy days to come…

We certainly loved Vigilant, but it’s clear that our “new ride” will serve us well.

RECIPE: My Spicy Fusion Quesadilla


  • Hot Italian Sausage
  • Sliced Red Onion
  • Burrito Sized Flour Tortilla
  • Mexican mixed cheeses
  • Sour Cream
  • Sambal (Indonesian Chili Paste)
  • Fresh Lime
  • EVOO, salt and cracked black pepper

I slowly caramelized the red onions in EVOO and S&P. When the onions were nearly done I sliced up the Italian Sausage into bite sized pieces.

Once the hot filling was done I heated up my two burner griddle and splashed a little EVOO on to help brown the tortillas before stuffing them.

I carefully assembled four quesadillas mixing the sausage/onion filling with the Mexican cheese mix.

I finished them panini style with my grilled sandwich presses and then made the “secret sauce.”

The sauce was simple; sour cream, Sambal, and lime juice.