We were in Provincetown with Peter and Mary Lee a few weeks ago. The story behind our unplanned visit is a long one and I’ll give you the details later.

Suffice it to say, the ride over Saturday morning was a wild one – wild enough to justify a Bloody Mary and an early lunch.

While Mrs. Horne was hosing the salt off of Relentless, I hit up yelp for somewhere nearby for lunch. I was looking for a restaurant on the water with a great Bloody!

It didn’t take me long to come up with the iconic Lobster Pot and Shawn’s Famous Special Bloody Mary.

80 Years and Counting

I’ve never mentioned it, but I lived and worked in Provincetown the summer after I graduated from High School (that too is a long story and one I probably won’t be telling any time soon).

I mention it because I remember walking past the Lobster Pot on my way to work.

The Lobster Pot has served Provincetown for 80 years – although the current owners took over 48 years ago. No restaurant operates this long unless the food is great.

When Mrs. Horne saw the neon (Deco?) front entry way, she asked me “Is this where we’re going?”

That’s why I love yelp. Provincetown is deep with great restaurants, but accordingly to yelp The Lobster Pot is ranked #2…

The Restaurant

Despite the Old School facade, once inside, it has the look and feel of a legit traditional Cape Cod seafood restaurant…

Complete with a lobster tank – I’m not sure if you can pick your own.

The Dining Experience

I don’t think we asked to sit upstairs, but I’m sure glad they put us up there. It was very bright with a 150 degree ocean view…

Our server Ronnie was cheerful, informative, and prompt…

He pretty much sold us on Shawn’s Special Bloody Mary (which wasn’t difficult)…

I’m not a big fan of “reinvented” Bloody’s that introduce odd spices that simply don’t belong. I’m happy to report that Shawn sticks to the traditional flavor profile and then takes it up a notch with two strategic enhancements.

Specifically, the vodka infusion from pepperoncini is subtle and simply provides an elevated pepper spicing.

The most distinctive enhancement is the celery spiced rim salt. Celery is a traditional Bloody spice that is usually pretty subtle. Shawn shoves it in your face – in a good way.

I also like little bits of horseradish suspended in the mix. This is the way my mother always made em!

The Menu

Surviving the crazy seas and enjoying early morning Bloody’s had us in an unusually festive mood. Accordingly, we feasted on small plates and appetizers – my kind of dining.

That said, every palette and dining mood can find something at The Lobster Pot. Check out their massive menu.

I tend be wary of menu’s this long, but if you look at the various dishes, you’ll see that there is a lot of fresh seafood, whole foods, and pasta ingredients carried through multiple recipes. It’s also a large and popular restaurant and that means the inventory turns over in a predictable cycle.

The Food

Mrs. Horne, Peter, and Mary Lee all started out with the chowder.

Great flavor with the thicker consistency found in the popular New England Clam Chowder recipe.

I started with 5 plump oysters…

The offer two styles so I tried both. Beyond the traditional (cocktail sauce and horseradish), they also serve a Russian style with sour cream and black caviar.

I liked them both, but I have to say the Russians were quite different. In fact if someone blindfolded me and put one in my mouth, I’m not even sure I’d know it was an oyster.

I also have to add that both are served for a mere $2.25/oyster.

Mary Lee, Mrs. Horne, and I all spotted an unusual appetizer on the menu and just had to try it – The Lobster Egg Roll…

This is a well executed egg roll complete with Bahn Mi veggies and a spicy aioli. I would order it again, but I must tell you that the lobster does get a little lost among the stronger Asian flavors.

As egg rolls go, the wrapper in this one is a tad on the heavy side. Anticipating this, we all finished up with more seafood.

Peter, Mary Lee, and Mrs. Horne all ordered the steamers, which at $16 were sort of a bargain…

They were huge and the presentation would indicate they sell a ton of these. It’s more of a personal size (hence the price), but I like the idea. It’s always a bit of a pain to recruit everyone in on a $30 platter.

Since we were within a few days of Peter’s birthday, he wasn’t going to let a few carbs stop his fun and he added a side of fries…

They were kind of a fat shoestring, but more importantly, they arrived HOT!

I finished my little feast with one of my favorite dishes – Oysters Rockefeller…

They were perfectly executed and I appreciated the smaller portion (5 versus 6).

The Lobster Pot is more the kind of place you’d find on Route 28 in the Upper Cape than posh Provincetown, but I really liked it. Sure, the front entrance is hokey, but once inside, it’s bright and offers great views.

More importantly, the food is great and the menu robust. I’ll be back to Provincetown soon and next time I’ll try The Lobster Pot for dinner…