If you’ve been following us, you know that we took a weather driven detour to Provincetown a few weeks ago while traveling with Peter and Mary Lee.

I had booked Smith and Wollensky’s in Boston for our joint 40th wedding anniversaries, but 5-7’ waves pounding our starboard bow forced a change of plans.

Right after we banked Northeast toward Provincetown, I grabbed my iPad, fired up Opentable, and started looking for a 5 Star Steakhouse in Provincetown – there aren’t any!

I find the Opentable reviews to be fairly accurate for higher end restaurants and I quickly zeroed in on Patio American with its 4.6 stars (out of 5) and more importantly, it was available for dinner…

I booked it immediately, but I didn’t stop there!

As I piloted Relentless through the heavy seas, I challenged the crew to text everyone they knew who frequented Ptown for other dining suggestions.

None of the suggestions panned out, but it was perfectly fine; we had a great Anniversary dinner at Patio…

Keeping Warm

On the way to lunch we checked out Patio. It look very inviting, but it’s pretty much, well, a patio!

Photo courtesy of Patio American Bar and Grill

At noon it was a pleasant 70 degrees, but by 7:00, it was going to be closer to 50 and as you may know, I’m not a fan of dining in the cold.

We stopped in and asked the host if we could be seated inside and near a heater and he noted it on our reservation.

The Restaurant

When we arrived we were happily seated well inside and near a heater…

I love the exposed rafters and thanks to the recent government rules, the tables were spread out adding to the spacious feel.

I can easily imagine this being an ideal al fresco dining spot for people watching in July.

The Food

Although we typically mix up appetizers and split entrees when cruising, we all decided to go “old school” and each of us ordered our own meal.

Thinking about the Prime Ribeye I probably would have ordered at Smith and Wollensky’s, were it not for the northeast seas, I scoured the menu for steak.

No Prime, but they did have a 12 ounce Choice Sirloin served Steak Au Poivre style which sounded perfect…

Patio American Steak Au Poivre

It was an excellent steak dinner, but not your traditional Steak Au Poivre. Since it was the only steak on the menu, they cleverly served it for the person who would like more of a regular preparation.

It’s basically a perfectly grilled steak with a rosemary herb butter and side of peppercorn cream sauce. The steak had more pepper encrustation than normal, but far from a traditional Au Poivre.

As you may have heard, I’m known as “The Steak Nazi” for all the improperly cooked steaks I’ve sent back to the kitchen. So when I say this steak was perfectly done, we’ll see for yourself

A great steak dinner and well priced for Provincetown at $39.

Mrs. Horne went for the Linguini Carbonara with Lobster…

Patio American- Linguini Carbonara with Lobster

This was one of the dishes I considered before settling on the steak. Carbonara is beautiful, yet simple way to serve homemade pasta – eggs, bacon, and Parmesan cheese. Fold in a local lobster and you get the picture.

It was also well priced at $28.

Mary Lee opted for the Panko Crusted Local Haddock…

Patio American Panko Encrusted Local Haddock

I’ve recently added this dish my home chef repertoire, although I use the Captain’s Cut of Cod more often than Haddock. It’s a great way to show off a fresh catch.

Peter went for the other dish I was considering – Orecchiette Florentine with Spicy Sausage…

Patio American Orecchiette Florentine with Spicy Sausage

Patio American’s menu has a nice variety of entrees and offer something special for every palette. Although I was more than satisfied by my steak, I can honestly say there we’re probably a half a dozen other dishes I could have enjoyed.

Add in street side tables right on Commercial Street in eclectic Ptown and you have the makings of a great evening.