We came to Plymouth for the weekend to meet up with friends who, like us, live in California in the winter and here in the summer.

We spent most of Sunday morning talking to fellow Sabre owners at Safe Harbor Marina about restaurants before heading downtown for an early lunch.

We ended up at Speedwell Tavern. We’d been here a few years ago when we were Seeking Pilgrims on Columbus Day Weekend.

Back then we visited Speedwell to see Adam Frates perform – not to eat, but we did try their homemade kettle fried chips and blue cheese dip.

I’m always impressed by homemade kettle chips and their’s were fantastic. I made a mental note to come back for a real meal one day and Sunday was that day.

As soon as we sat down I foolishly ordered a Bloody Mary that turned out to be a bottled mix and a shot of Tito’s. After a few tasteless sips I looked at the back of the bar and realized I’d made a serious tactical error…

It’s All About The Draft!

The Speedwell Tavern is shrine to the fine art of craft beers served from kegs! I quickly called the bartender over and said “I think I made mistake – I’d rather have an IPA draft – what’s popular?”

What happened next was as impressive as the Bloody was not. She asked me a few questions about the kinds of IPA I like and then whisked out a couple of samples.

We quickly zeroed in on the Founders…

The funny thing is I’ve bought Founders in cans and didn’t care for it. But as is generally true for all beer – draft tastes different and better.

An Eclectic Tavern

As we entered, a local artist was delivering another masterpiece to hang on the Tavern wall…

Pretty much every square inch of the Speedwell is adorned with incredible local art and clever signage…

Despite the government restrictions on social distancing, the servers and patrons are making the Tavern scene work. Everyone was simply shouting across the room carrying on normal conversations.

The Food

I’d call the menu Gastro Pub. It’s fairly extensive, but there are several unique gems buried below.

I went for one of the specials – Pork Belly Tacos…

The Pork Belly’s are cured in Brown Sugar and Sriracha, slow roasted, and fried crispy. Then they are tossed with sriracha maple glaze, topped with shredded cabbage, homemade sweet pickles, jack cheese, and garlic aioli.

It’s an incredible taco and although it’s two tacos – as opposed to three, they were both overstuffed and I couldn’t eat both.

Mrs. Horne was looking for a Coop deVille flashback and she ordered the Sweet Chili wings and onion wings – her Oak Bluffs favorite.

I love the Coop’s wings, but Speedwell’s are great in a different way. I’m a big fan of dry wings provided they still have the deep flavor profile and that’s exactly what they delivered.

The onion rings were also perfectly executed in that the batter coating stayed on after each bite.

By the way, we barely ate half of the food they served up – the Speedwell gives you generous portions!

I’m anxiously looking forward to a return visit once live music returns. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a clip from Adam Frate’s 2018 performance…