We stayed in Plymouth a week ago and after extending our stay, Mrs. Horne decided she wanted to tour the Mayflower II. Normally I would have joined her, but thanks to the government and Covid, the tour requires a mask and I pretty much avoid anything that requires a mask…

I tried to get Mrs. Horne to write a report, but to no avail. Instead I thought I’d interview her and share it with all of you.

Mrs. Horne and the Mayflower II

How did the tour work?

I was given a brochure at the ticket booth that covered everything I was going to see…

A greeter offered to answer questions and guided me below deck to the living quarters where I met another tour guide who was also taking questions.

What did you like the most?

I love that this exhibit allows everyone to take the tour and see the true history of America in a time when so many are trying to rewrite it.

What surprised you the most?

It’s only twice the size of Relentless and 102 brave souls lived on it crossing the cruel Atlantic in often severe weather conditions.

How long did it take?

I took about 15 minutes, but if you weren’t waiting for me, I probably would have taken 30.

Was it worth the 15 bucks?

Yes, for two reasons. First of all, it’s a big piece of American history and second, the $15 is really a contribution to fund the maintenance and operation of this floating museum.

Here are some of the photos Mrs. Horne took along the way…