It’s been 4 years since I published the first My Buzzards Bay (MBB) Video. I produce them to capture the spirit of a moment in time during the boating season and I must confess that I frequently go back and watch them over the winter.

The last few years I’ve waited until just before Christmas to publish the final video of the season and now I’m happy to report it’s a tradition.

I don’t know about you, but to me Christmas seems to be the point in time when those of us who boat up North are farthest away from our beloved pastime. On a positive note, the days are now getting longer and we’ll all be counting down the days to the big splash before we know it!

Ned’s Point In Winter

My Private Time on Christmas Eve

I’m a huge fan of Christmas. In fact I think I suffer from “ Santa Syndrome.” I always buy too many gifts and I’m the last to turn in on Christmas Eve once all those gifts are laid carefully under the tree.

My new Christmas Eve ritual is to pour an adult beverage and kick back to watch the final MBB Video of the season.

As If 2020 Wasn’t Crazy Enough!

Face it, 2020 wasn’t a normal year for anyone. Then we decided to sell Vigilant and buy Relentless before summer even began. And thanks to a variety of factors – including a couple of hurricanes, it took Relentless nearly a month to arrive from Florida.

But as long as August seemed to be, we were blessed with a spectacular fall and about 20 days at sea from Labor Day through late October.

My final MBB video of 2020 chronicles the arrival of Relentless through the end of the season and runs a hefty 19 minutes – so plan ahead.

Without further ado, please accept this little Christmas gift from me to you and especially the beloved members of the Relentless crew and MBB Flotilla…