Welcome to the My Buzzards Bay 2021 Boating Season. We’re targeting late April to splash Relentless after her winter makeover by Mattapoisett Boatyard, SK Marine Electronics, and Northeast Thrusters.

As you may recall, we acquired Relentless (a Sabre 48 Fly Bridge) at the end of last season. She was barely used, but docked in the Bahama’s year round where she was subject to constant tropical sun and warm waters splashing in her thru-hulls.

We replaced a number of things last fall and gave Ned Kaiser (MBY Yard Boss) the “green light” to bring her back to new condition over the winter. We’re anxious to see their handiwork.

October 22, 2020

One of the great things about Maine Built boats like Sabre, Hinckley, and Back Cove is that they’re designed to be maintained for decades and if you want, you can bring them back to near new condition at any time!

I have plenty of experience with both Back Cove and Sabre Customer Service fielding questions long after the warranties had expired.

One of out winter projects is installing a small liquor cabinet on the wall above the cooktop. Our carpenter was concerned about how thick the wall was – since the VIP Cabin Shower is on the opposite wall. I wrote to Joby Newman – Sabre Customer Service, and he told me the wall was 3/4″ thick. This is invaluable information…

Because these great Maine Boat Builders carefully source most of the components from well established marine suppliers – as opposed to mass producing them themselves, you can easily replace virtually everything when it starts to wear out even decades down the line.

A few years ago we were docked in Cuttyhunk next to an older Saberline that looked absolutely brand new…

I talked to the owner and he said it was built in 2003 and he’d bought in 2016. He said the guy he bought it from had it painted and spruced up just before he bought it. This is why these boats hold their value so well!

Relentless Winter Projects

Relentless will be getting all the normal TLC that Tenacity and Vigilant received during the offseason at MBY.

We’re also replacing the Sureshade, reupholstering Flying Bridge Stidd Helm seat, and reconditioning the teak deck.

SK Marine Electronics will be adding a couple of thousand watts of oomph to the sound system (and subwoofers), along with a rear HDTV camera on the mast, and underwater lights.

The biggest winter project actually begins in a few weeks with the installation of Proportional Bow and Stern Thrusters by Northeast Thrusters. Once Relentless arrived we thoroughly tested out the Joystick, And while it’s a nice alternative to steering in tight areas, it’s no substitute for two electric props in the bow and the stern.

There were two problems using the joy stick in tight quarters. The biggest was not being able to move the bow in one direction without moving the stern in the opposite direction.

The other problem was the brute force of the pods. Sometimes you just want to NUDGE the stern sideways a few inches without the bow moving or going forward/back. Even in “docking mode,” you’re still running 1200 ponies through four huge props and they just don’t want to pirouette!

This is especially true in our slip at Mattapoisett Boat Yard which has long piling lined entrance and less than 15” on either side.

Mrs. Horne has also directed the conversion from Relentless’s classic “downeast” red bottom to the color she created in 2017 – Vigilant Green!

Vigilant Green – April 2017
Relentless Shop Photo – 3/31/2021

What are your winter projects? Please comment below to share…

BONUS: MBB Videos To The Big Screen

As many of you know, I am an amateur videographer having created dozens of MMB Adventure Music Videos and MBB Live Music videos over the past few years.

As I was putting together my 2020 Season Ending Video just before Christmas, I discovered that some of the links to the older videos were broken. Apparently the company that hosts this site changed their video plug-in widgets and orphaned many of my video links.

I’m not really sure how popular these are – beyond those of you who were part of the adventure, but if you’re into MBB Music Videos you’ll enjoy seeing them on the big screen.

Enter Vimeo

I started using Vimeo years ago to host music video’s because they have less ads than YouTube, you get a lot of functionality FOR FREE, and they’re less restrictive on potential copyright infringement.

I moved all my MBB Videos to Vimeo at the end of the year and discovered that I could watch them on our 65″ HDTV using the Vimeo app on ROKU.

Since then I’ve spent many an evening getting ready for the 2021 boating season watching all the fun we’ve had in past seasons.

If you have a ROKU and/or would like get one to start enjoying MBB Video’s on the big screen, here’s a step-by-step procedure for making it happen..

STEP 1 – If you already have a Roku skip to Step 2. If not, you need to get one and connect it to your HDTV. This is my favorite platform for streaming and you can get one on Amazon for $34.

By the way, this isn’t just for streaming Vimeo and MBB Videos, you can use Roku to stream everything. Not just Netflix and Amazon Video, but all the major networks, HGTV, The Food Channel, Cable News, and many local news stations as well.

In fact, if you want to “cut the cable,” this is a great way to watch YouTube TV – which truly replaces cable and more.

STEP 2 – Once you’ve got your Roku hooked up and connected to your WIFI, you go to STREAMING CHANNELS and and look for the Vimeo Channel.

STEP 3 – Click on APPS and you should see Vimeo – if not search for it…

STEP 4 – Once you’ve added the Vimeo Channel click on SEARCH and type in MY BUZZARDS BAY…

And you’ll see all of our MBB Video’s on the right – just click on any of them to watch them on your big HDTV!

I’ll probably start publishing updated restaurant reviews (Post Covid) this month. And sadly, I’ll try to figure out all the seaside eateries that closed permanently due to the government shutdown and report on those as well.