We’re in Provincetown after sitting out Memorial Day weekend thanks to lousy weather. We decided to try some new spots here and selected a rather eclectic spot called The Squealing Pig.

It’s a classic hole-in-the-wall just off Commercial Street with a bar running from to back and tables on the opposite wall…

The Squealing Pig Provincetown

The fellow behind the bar was shucking oysters as fast as he could and he barely took a break the entire time we were there.

We had run over by boat and after hanging out at the marina for a while, we ended up sitting down around 3:00 – a little late for lunch and early for dinner.

That was fine, since the menu has a little something for everyone. Beyond the usual dishes, a couple of unique offerings caught my eye.

  • Sweet Potato Wedges – Harrisa dipping sauce
  • Smoked Seafood Chowder
  • Cubano – Slow cooked pork, black forest ham and Swiss with a jalapeño relish on a buttery brioche bun
  • Grilled Veggie Sandwich – Seasoned grilled vegetables, hummus, and yogurt dill sauce, grilled pita bread
  • Spicy Beef Kebabs – Marinated sirloin, onion, cherry tomato, red and green peppers, and garden salad
  • Napali Curry – Green beans, zucchini, summer squash, cauliflower, red and green peppers, in a Nepali curry sauce, served with rice and Papadum

I came very close to ordering the Cubano, but we opted to share The Wings and Sweet Potato Wedges for more of a mid afternoon appetizer…

The Squealing Pig Wings

I’ve fallen in love with wings again thanks to a tip I got in Newport to order them plain with the sauces on the side. It keeps the wings hot and crispy and it keeps your fingers clean(er).

The Squealing Pig Sweet Potato Wedges

I generally prefer straight fries or dirty fries to sweet potatoes, but the ones served up by The Squealing Pig won me over. I love the taste of sweet potatoes, but they simply don’t fry crispy like white fries.

The Pig’s wedges have a texture more like a tater tot. I’m guessing that they partially bake them before they’re sliced and fried.

Our friend Becky ordered the Caesar with perfectly grilled shrimp…

The Squealing Pig Grilled Shrimp Caesar

Ben ordered the Hog Burger and he reported it to be incredible…

The Squealing Pig Hog Burger

By the way, this is truly a hog sized burger consisting of TWO BEEF PATTIES, bacon, blue cheese and all the traditional accoutrements.

The Pig cooked it just the way Ben ordered it – medium rare…

No squealing here, just a good honest Gastro Pub with a nice dose of funk…