We headed over to The Chartroom Sunday for the first time this season. I always try to get there for opening day, but the weather was lousy that weekend (and since then we ended up going to Fisherman’s View, Newport, Provincetown, Edgartown, and Oak Bluffs instead.)

So our inaugural visit occurred on June 13…

New at Kingman Marine

As I approached the fuel dock, I immediately noticed things were different. The straight dock running across the face of the fuel pumps was now a U-shaped dock and the slips that were on the south side are gone and replaced with straight-in finger docks…

Reconfigured Docks at Kingman Marine
New Fuel Dock at Kingman Marine
The Main Dock at Kingman Marine is Unchanged
The New South Slips at Kingman Marine

The big change is that virtually all the “Chartroom Lunch Slips” are straight in/out versus the old tight slips on the south side. I’m guessing they’ll let longer boats stick out beyond the end of the finger piers. The new slips seem wider than the old ones.

There also seemed to be more slips and all the new floats sport “gelcoat friendly” fendering.

New at The Chartroom

The dining tent where the Adirondack chairs were pre-pandemic is still up…

And there’s a new structure in front of the old porch which is quite impressive – complete with drop down clear curtains for rainy or windy days…

New Porch at The Chartroom

This should double the seating capacity of 2019. The food seemed to flow out of the kitchen a little faster, so the back of the house must have upgraded as well.

The Mudslide Window

One more big change involves the drink window (AKA Mudslide Window) facing the old Adirondack Chair area.

Mrs. Horne Ordering Mudslides

It was a bit of an icon and I’m sad to report it’s been somewhat “repurposed.” Shortly after ordering her Mudslides, the new hostess asked Mrs. Horne to order cocktails from our server. The window is now for those sitting in the new cocktail/Adirondack area to the northeast and servers.

Despite the general shortage of labor on the Southcoast our service was excellent, so I suppose it’s a change for the better.

The Food

Before I recap our lunch, let me point out that I have already published a number of reports on the Chartroom and Kingman Marine…

In terms of lunch, Mrs. Horne and I stuck to the usual…

The Chartroom Steamers
The Chartroom Ruben (on Portuguese bread)
The Chartroom Caesar

Our guests ventured into White Fish cuisine…

The Chartroom Baked Scrod
The Chartroom Haddock Au Gratin

Our guests loved the White Fish dishes as illustrated by their plates…

Based on our first visit, it would seem that all the changes will make MY HAPPY PLACE even happier!