As I mentioned when I published my season ending MBB Video around Christmas, I’ve settled into a pattern of doing three adventure videos a year.

After four years, we’re up to 75,000 visitors at My Buzzards BayTHANK YOU ALL. This means that I am now able to get some real insights for what types of stories are popular and which ones are not.

Without a doubt, my “Better Boating” posts keep coming out on top year after year. The undisputed leader with nearly 13,000 views is Understanding Cape Cod Canal Tidal Currents (with Daily Charts).

On the other hand, the MBB Videos cater to a far more elite group of followers. For example, the Relentless 2020 MBB Video chalked up a scant 144 views.

That’s okay with me. I get it, they’re kind of like home movies and only interesting to the people who were with us. I do know that I’m the #1 fan and I personally watch each one several times a year – often late at night after every one has turned in. I’m also fairly certain my dear friend Peter is the #2 fan – every time I visit him he’s watching one.

The Spring 2021 MBB Video

Between dealing with pandemic restrictions and not having a boat last August, we were anxious to get back out on the water when we splashed Relentless on April 30.

I think it’s safe to say that the summer of 2021 is going to be a challenging weather wise, but despite canceling our trip to Maine (again) due to weather, we did manage to spend 25 days at sea before the Fourth of July.

Accordingly, my first video of 2021 is 16 minutes long – so plan accordingly and enjoy!