Our wonderful little family is visiting for a couple of weeks so we’re staying close to home.

Boating wasn’t really in the cards Sunday morning. My daughter and her husband were away for the weekend and we took the grandkids to the pool at The Bay Club for lunch.

When everyone got home it was almost 3:00. Mrs. Horne suggested the Chartroom and off we went.

I never go to the Chartroom mid afternoon on a Sunday and I wasn’t sure we’d even be able to get a slip at Kingman. Just in case, I packed some snacks thinking we could always drop an anchor behind Bassets Island.

As soon as I got within radio range I hailed Kingman and much to my delight, they had a great spot…

Relentless at Kingman Yachting Center

In fact, they had room for a few more boats. It could be because it was 4:00 (no entrees served at the Chartroom before 5:00), the end of vacation week, or just Sunday nights are quiet. Regardless, it’s good to know it’s an easy option.

Similarly, the Chartroom wasn’t crowded, but still had enough people to make it feel like My Happy Place…

Venturing “Off The Reservation”

As they use to say back in the day (in pre-Woke America), I decided to “go off the reservation” and explore something besides the usual Ruben on Portuguese Bread.

As I walked in I saw the Cheese and Cracker plate on another table so I suggested we order one for the kids…

The Chartroom Cheese and Crackers ($8)

It’s really a large appetizer with twenty or so crackers and a perfectly soft cheese spread that looks like Cheese Ice Cream.

My next new venture was the Jumbo Shrimp…

The Chartroom Jumbo Shrimp ($3.50 each)

These are really a good size and I like that you can order as many or as few as you like.

And finally, I went for the Jerk Lollipop Chicken Legs…

Jerk Lollipop Chicken Legs at The Chartroom ($11)

These were delicious, but tasted more like Chinese Five Spice than Jamaican Jerk, which is typically very peppery.

Of course Mrs. Horne went with the steamers…

Steamers at The Chartroom

This was a surprisingly large portion of relatively small steamers. Maybe they were just “moving the stock” after a busy week. Mrs. Horne thought they felt bad about the size of the clams so they gave her more.

Five o’clock is really a great time to sit out under the tent looking over toward Bassetts…

We departed without incident and headed home around 6:00. On the way out we passed our California friends Tom and Kathleen who were returning to their home port on their new Riviera 545 Poppy Bay.

Remember, the weekend is not over at 3:00 on a Sunday, you can always hop over to The Chartroom.