I woke up Saturday morning staring out at the mess that has become weekend boating during the summer of 2021…

In case you’re not keeping score, the last Saturday that was a decent boating day on Buzzards Bay was June 19 – Father’s Day weekend!

Anyway, I canceled plans to gunkhole with Tom and Terry, chugged down an extra cup of coffee and dug into the “Honey Do” list with a vengeance.

Then suddenly around 11:30 this great yellow orb appeared in the sky and my Saturday malaise began to melt.

I said to Mrs. Horne “Do you want to try to go somewhere on the boat?”

“Yes, when do you want to leave?” She said.

And with that our housework projects wound down, we cleaned ourselves up, and headed over to Relentless.

As we pulled out of MBY, we noticed a lot of fellow boaters sitting in their slips enjoying the afternoon. As we left one shouted “Severe thunderstorms at 5:00, be careful.”

Mrs. Horne grimaced. I looked back at her and said “I don’t think so.” A quick check of my major weather apps showed smooth sailing until at least 9:00 PM.

It was now 2:30 and really muggy, so we passed on eating outdoors at the Chartroom and targeted Fisherman’s View. A quick check on Resy showed a 3:15 dinner reservation available, so I grabbed it.

Getting a reservation at the F/V has been near impossible almost anytime during the Summer Crunch of 2021. Of course nabbing a dinner reservation was only half the battle. We’d also need to find spot to tie up a 50’ boat in the diminutive Sandwich boat basin late in the day.

I’ve never been turned away at Sandwich Marina, but when visiting on a weekend, I always try to arrive around noon. It was already 3:00 when we crossed under the Railroad Bridge and that meant arriving around 3:30.

If you’re paying attention, you may have noted that we’re not going to get to the F/V in time for our 3:15 reservation. In fact it’ll probably be more like 4:00.

Mrs. Horne and I went up to the fly bridge after we passed under the Borne Bridge and I opened Resy and confirmed what I thought – the F/V was booked solid til sometime on Monday!

I then called them and while they were pessimistic at first, the fellow on the phone eventually said “just come in and we’ll figure it out.” Another reason I love this place.

As we headed northeast on the canal, it was obvious we were sitting on the edge of a weather front. The skies north looked frighteningly dark with huge thunder clouds on top. To the southwest, it was clear, sunny, and pretty much a Bluebird Day.

My weather app showed that we were about ten miles south of the fireworks…

Our good fortune continued with Sandwich Marina giving us a slip on the commercial side of the basin near the F/V…

Linner or Dunch?

About ten days ago we took the family to the Chartroom around 3:00 and my grandson asked Mrs. Horne if we were going to lunch or dinner.

Mrs. Horne replied “We’re going to linner.” And Jack thought that was hilarious.

Mrs. Horne thought she made up a new word, but it turns out Linner is a real thing…

For what it’s worth, I’m a huge fan of Linner. It’s a great way to spend the cocktail hour and it gives your meal plenty of time to digest before bedtime.

Just as promised, the incredible team at the F/V found us some nice corner seats at the bar…

As soon as we sat down, our dear friend and F/V manager Tara came by to say hi…

Tara – The Fisherman’s View Manager

I’d like to tell you that Tara kept an eye out for our meal in the kitchen, but since we’ve never had a bad meal at the F/V I doubt it…

Warm Cornbread at Fisherman’s View
Shrimp Cocktail at Fisherman’s View
Fish and Chips at Fisherman’s View
Seared Scallops with Lobster Gnocchi at Fisherman’s View

A Well Salvaged Saturday

In the end we got a great dinner around 4:30 (the dinner menu at the F/V starts at 4:00), with an incredible view of Cape Cod Canal, and a slip to dock Relentless all “on the fly.” Can we count on pulling this off every Saturday- especially one that’s got great weather? Who knows, but I believe it’s worth a try.

By the way, the bar scene at the F/V is lively and very friendly even at 5:00 on a Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Horne always manages to make new friends and this time she connected with the ex-wife of a fellow Bay Club member…

As we left we commented that we could easily see ourselves coming over on Relentless for the night and hanging out in the bar meeting new friends.

As we returned to Buzzards Bay around 6:30 we were greeted with a beautiful evening…