We truly love our little “SUV Family” (all three generations can fit in an SUV). We’re also blessed to have several Second Families across the country and last weekend we had a little reunion.

The McGrath family is one of our oldest Second Families. We met in the early 90’s when we were both building homes in Westford Massachusetts.

Beyond simply being neighbors with kids about the same age, our families shared a passion for being on the water. The McGrath’s spent summer weekends at their family’s home on Lake Winnipesaukee boating in their Formula Dual Console.

When they weren’t on Winnipesaukee, they were with us on Buzzards Bay…

Kyle, Gary, Cory, and Natalie on our 26’ Boston Whaler

All of the McGrath children have careers in tech similar to my own. Kyle was just beginning his career when my book Career Secret Sauce was published and I’ve enjoyed mentoring his career journey from time to time,

Kyle now lives north of Los Angeles so we tend to see more of him in La Quinta, but about a month ago he texted me to see if we could get together in early August.

I knew instantly that we’d find a way to make it happen. I also knew that I’d find a way to get Kyle out on Relentless and hopefully on an overnight cruise with Mrs. Horne and his parents – Gary and Amy…

The Captain, Mrs. Horne, Amy, and Gary on Block Island

An Action Packed Weekend

When I still had a regular job, we’d routinely pack as much as possible into every weekend. But now that I control my schedule, we tend to make leisurely plans.

Kyle has a big job in finance and thus we were lucky to get him for a weekend and accordingly, the plan was to jam as much fun memories as possible in a single overnight cruise.

Chartroom Bound

We spent a lot of time with the McGrath family on our 26’ Boston Whaler (2000-2007). While we did venture out to Oak Bluffs and Barnstable from time to time, our most common destination was always The Chartroom.

The weather on Saturday was great for boating – hot and humid. It’s only nine miles from Mattapoisett Boat Yard to Kingman Marine so I ran over at a leisurely 18 mph and everyone rode in the fly bridge the entire time…

The lunch was even more leisurely. Gary invited an old friend who lives on the Cape to join us and we ended up sitting under the big tent at The Chartroom yapping for 2 1/2 hours.

During the last hour I felt the Buzzards Bay breeze kick up and I started checking real-time data from the USCG buoy south of Cuttyhunk and noticed the wind was now blowing 20 mph.

Gary’s friend Mark shot a nice photo of us leaving Kingman as I beat a hasty retreat bound for Woods Hole.

As I suspected, Buzzards Bay was dishing out 3’ – 4’ chop as we motored south…

Mrs. Horne is our 1st Mate and I am the Captain, but ultimately she is the Admiral and she issued a new directive at this point limiting Relentless’s cruising speed to 25 mph when we have people sitting outside.

I can live with that (HAPPY WIFE – HAPPY LIFE ❤️).

MacDougalls Falmouth

Our action packed weekend was put together at the last minute and most of our favorite Marinas were sold out. We’d been talking about Overnighting in Falmouth for a while and much to my delight, MacDougalls was available.

I always liked visiting Falmouth because it’s tight, busy, and provides a lot of boat watching…

MacDougalls is easy to get in and out of and offers a very nice guest lounge.

At 4:00, our friend Joyce Richards joined us on the Flybridge for wine and cheese…

Mrs. Horne and Kyle
Gary and Amy

New Dining Venue

We were thinking about going to Anejo for some great Mexican, but our guests had just had Mexican, so we went with Plan B – La Cunina Sul Mare.

It’s 100% legit Old School Italian on Main Street in Falmouth Village. You can read my full review here

Edgartown Sunday

Sunday was another one of those frustrating weather forecast days. At 6:00 AM there were light sprinkles. The forecast wasn’t much better – “Expect a little rain at any time everywhere in New England,”

We started with a continental breakfast in the salon…

In case you were wondering, we did not have vodka for breakfast! That’s Gary’s bottle leftover from Saturday night.

Obama Party Hangover

I was holding lunch reservations at Fisherman’s View, but in the spirit of McGrath Family Memories, I got to thinking about Edgartown. Of course it was the morning after Obama’s notorious birthday party, but it was still a good thought!

I called The Harborside Docks, but no one answered. I put in a same day reservation on Dockwa and watched my iPad impatiently hoping for a confirmation – still nothing.

After an hour of waiting I called the front desk at the hotel “I’m trying to get through to the dockmaster, but no one is picking up,” I said. “I put in a request for a lunch tie up on Dockwa, but they haven’t confirmed it yet.”

“They’re swamped down there.” She said.

“Do you still have the Obama partygoers hanging around.” I said.

“Yup, and they’re moving very, very slowly.” She snickered.

I asked her what she thought our odds of getting a slip might be and she said 50/50. A few minutes later my Dockwa app chirped and I saw that I was waitlisted.

Knowing about Obama’s party, I had no interest in driving to Edgartown and getting shut out so I went back to Dockwa and requested a town mooring.

This was the first time I’d done this on Dockwa. Back in the day it was always first-come-first-served. Now you book moorings for $45 and you get 24 hours. The nicest thing is that the confirmation came back in seconds – so fast that I’m thinking it must be automated.

I quickly canceled our reservation at Fisherman’s View and headed out for the 13 mile run across Vineyard Sound to Edgartown. My plan was to walk-in with our party of five at either The Atlantic or 19 Raw. That meant we needed to get moored, maybe have a beer, call the launch, and get downtown before noon.

Run to Edgartown

The run over was surreal. Despite the rain forecast, it was just gray, but the sound was as flat as I’ve seen it. Kyle, Gary, and I made the entire run from the Flybridge.

Kyle monitoring the Autopilot

I shot a lot of video clips for my summer MBB Video and compiled them into a short musical video…

About halfway over I spotted a Searay Sedan Bridge and thought it might be our friends Paul and Patty. I grabbed my phone and texted them…

Knowing everyone likes to have a photo of their boat up on plane, I shot a few and sent them to Patty…

No sooner did I hit “send,” and my phone chirped. Patty did the same…

The Edgartown Harbormaster gave us mooring 44 which is almost in Katama Bay. Unless you want to be there, ask for a lower numbered mooring. The lower the number, the shorter the launch ride.

I had a few sips of my IPA left when I hailed the Old Port Launch. Much to my surprise, they pulled up a minute later and we all hustled to get on board…

We ended up at 19 Raw for oysters and burgers…

The food is so good there and everyone who’s ordered the burger raves about it.

The run home was equally flat. I could have made it home in 45 minutes, but Mrs. Horne came up and whispered in my ear (“Don’t forget – 25 miles per hour”.)

What can say? HAPPY WIFE – HAPPY LIVE!

Amy and Mrs. Horne