We were in Watch Hill for three days and we’d already ate at both of their good restaurants. I had come upon Andreas researching well rated restaurants nearby and after we rode by in the morning on our bikes I knew I wanted to come back for lunch.

Getting a ride was a challenge (we don’t drink and bike), but Wright’s Cab came to the rescue (they are clean, friendly, but pathologically late),

It’s actually a restaurant, bar, and private beach club. In fact they offer a “Day At The Beach” package for $30-$50 depending on the day of the week…

I think it’s a nice deal. Kind of like Ballard’s on Block Island, but a little more organized.

The Venue

It’s a nice airy tent set up on a bluff on the beach overlooking the beach and Block Island Sound…

Andreas Seaside
Andreas Beach Bar looking South
Andreas Beach Bar looking North

Despite temperatures in the 80’s and high humidity, the southern sea breeze created a true tropical vibe.

The Food

We asked a few locals in Watch Hill about Andreas and heard “The views are great, but don’t go there for the food, it’s just okay.” Knowing this going in, I set my expectations rather low.

I also had low expectations for service, but we were instantly thrilled by our very competent and nice server Kayle…

Kayle at Andreas Beach Bar

Kayle’s just 18 years old, but she the fourth young superstar restaurant worker we’ve met during The Summer Crunch of 2021.

Since it was our 41st wedding anniversary, we indulged in what Jimmy Buffett would call Boat Drinks…

Mrs. Horne had their Mudslide, which is enhanced with a smear of dark chocolate inside the cup. I had something that looked like a Mai Tai on paper…

We were celebrating, but still wanted to eat semi healthy. The Fried Scallops caught my eye, but we were unsure about the second dish.

Fried Scallops at Andreas Beach Bar

The Scallops were a solid serving for $24. The scallops were every-so-lightly breaded before frying and tasted batter free. I’m a bit of a French Fry Nazi in that I love them hot and crispy. In fact, I will often send them back if they’re not hot.

Not only were these piping hot, but they must double fry them because they were incredibly crunchy.

I’m generally leery of Ahi Tuna dishes that cost less than $25 and theirs was $18. I asked Kayle and she said they were their best seller, so we took a walk on the wild side..,

Tuna Nachos at Andreas Beach Bar

Not only was this dish an incredible flavor bomb, but the Ahi was top quality sushi grade. Granted, there were only a few ounces spread over six tostadas, but it worked perfectly and undoubtedly helped the chef keep the dish under $20.

Management has our backs…”

After lunch we stood out on the road waiting for John and Wright’s Cab to pick us up. We got talking to the guys managing the parking lot and learned a little more about Andreas…

Xavier and Ethan at Andreas Beach Bar

These guys were sitting out in the hot sun dealing with people parking in the wrong spot and they friggin loved their jobs.

We probed a little and they said “For one thing, we know management has our backs.” As you may guess, between the sun and the booze, they get a lot of Krazy Karen’s making a big deal out of nothing and blaming the help.

They said the managers are great at defusing customer problems with respect but behind the scenes they assure the employees they trust them and will always back them.

What can I say – this is a great spot and we’ll be back!