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Vineyard Weekend in August

Mrs. Horne had her golf and gambling buddy Arlene in from California last week to compete in the Bay Club Women’s Invitational…

Arlene and Mrs. Horne

Although they didn’t win the tournament, Mrs. Horne did win the Chip Off. The tournament wrapped up on Thursday and the plan was to hang out around Mattapoisett on Friday before heading to Edgartown where I had booked the Harbormaster’s Slip for Saturday and Sunday night.

Never Trust the Forecast After a Hurricane

If you’re a regular follower of my Tales of The Sea, you’ve heard me say over and over again that nothing messes with the accuracy of a weather forecast like a visit from a hurricane.

By late August, we’d already seen three. On July 9th, we were nearly hit by Elsa. Then ten days ago, Fred brushed us on Thursday and Henri struck a direct hit on Block Island.

We can pretty much get to Edgartown from Mattapoisett in any weather, but Arlene had limited boating experience and the last thing I wanted was to have her get uncomfortable on Relentless.

Needless to say, I watched the weekend forecast very closely and by Thursday it had deteriorated – Friday looked perfect, but Saturday morning was looking like 15-20 mph east winds. So I started working on a Plan B that would get us as close to Edgartown as possible on Friday night. I was delighted to score Slip #77 within an hour of asking.

Buzzards Bay was smooth as glass heading over in late morning…

OB Heat

We docked around 11:30 and headed up to the Flybridge for a cleansing ale. Unfortunately, between the lack of wind, high humidity, and temperature pressing 95, it was oppressive – even in the shade.

My plan had been to take Arlene to the Lookout for lunch, but I feared that with the open air porch it to would be uncomfortably hot.

I scanned Yelp and immediately hit on the Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company. This was one of my favorite OB restaurants in 2019 before the government shutdowns, but once indoor dining came back in 2020, they never reopened. On top of that, their website went down and their phone was disconnected.When we were here in June, they were open, but just doing takeout.

I called them and sure enough they were open and serving lunch in a nice air conditioned dining room.

The New MV Mask Mandate


As we entered MVCC, I was taken aback when the hostess insisted I wear a mask. No one has asked me to wear a mask in 3-4 months. It turns out that Martha’s Vineyard reinstated an indoor mask mandate on August 20 (who knew?)

I did some research and quickly realized that the so-called surge happened right after Obama’s Giant Birthday Bash…

Don’t get me wrong, I think Barack should be able to have huge parties every day of the week. What I don’t understand is why local officials are messing with struggling shop and restaurant owners WHEN NO ONE IS GETTING SICK.

I have a good friend who owns and operates one of the most successful restaurants on the Southcoast. He’s so fed up with the government messing with his business that he’s ready to throw in the towel.

By the way, in case you don’t believe no ones getting sick, here’s the latest report from the MV Times on the “Covid Surge” on Martha’s Vineyard:

“The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital has no hospitalizations at the moment and no one has been taken off-Island due the virus in recent days, hospital spokeswoman Marissa Lefebvre wrote in an email. Last week there was one person hospitalized and two people were taken off-Island for treatment.”

So there you have it – THREE PEOPLE required medical attention on an island with 200,000 summer residents.

Of course what’s lost on the local officials is the devastating impact this has on local businesses and the people who work for them. Tourists are far more likely to wander into an overpriced shop in Newport and spend money than Edgartown where the government is forcing employees to become “mask police.”

There is some good news out there for people like me who hate mask mandates. Provincetown – the first seaside town to reinstate the mask mandate just rescinded it!


Afternoon Bliss

There was enough of a breeze back at the boat to make the Flybridge comfortable. As we hung out we heard someone calling out and looked down to see some friendly faces…

Bryan, Michelle and Steven

As friendly as they were, I couldn’t figure out who they were. Turns out they’re avid followers of My Buzzards Bay and they just came by to thank us for all our Tales of the Sea.

They actually came in on two boats – Boat My Three Sons and Regina III. They literally use this website to get ideas on where to go and what to do on the their boats. It makes me so happy to hear stuff like that.

After a nice dinner at The Cardboard Box, we turned in early for the windy run to Edgartown in the morning.

Saturday Surprise (2:30 AM Wake Up Call)

Around 2:30 Saturday morning Mrs. Horne woke me up “I think we’re hitting the dock.”

We scrambled to the deck and discovered gale winds pounding Relentless into the fixed dock. We quickly rigged some lines to hold us off the dock, but the next morning we discovered that we’d done serious damage to the dock…

Fortunately, Relentless emerged unscathed. As I sat rocking and trying to keep my coffee from spilling, I checked the Nantucket Sound buoy for wind speed…

Not only were we well over the 15-20 mph gust forecast, but the wind was blowing out of the northeast, not the east.

I walked over to the beach just to see what the ocean looked like and saw an 80’ yacht powering through the white caps…

Even though Edgartown was only 7 miles away, this was not something I really wanted to mess with. There was a glimmer of hope in that almost all the weather models predicted the wind gradually dying down throughout the course of the day.

With the wind blowing over 30 mph, I didn’t want to get to Edgartown, discover we couldn’t get into our slip, and have to sit on the anchor waiting to get in. I contacted the Edgartown Harbormaster and told me I could count on getting into the slip at 11:00. Accordingly, I let the girls sleep in.

They woke up around 9:30 and “battened down the hatches” and got ready to leave around 10:30. The crew on the Viking next us told me the biggest waves were going to be in the first 1/4 mile leaving the harbor, so I wanted to prepare to take ‘em on before we left the basin.

I was already totally focused on the monster waves we were about to take on as I pulled out of the slip only see the Island Queen coming in, turning around, and blocking the inlet.

It was fine once I started working the engines and thrusters to hold our position against the wind. It actually gave Mrs. Horne time to coil and stow lines.

The Viking boys were right. As soon as I cleared the jetty I started pounding into 6-7’ sharp breakers. I was trying to find the right speed to take them on when Arlene went past me and down the stairs below. Mrs. Horne was still coiling lines in the cockpit trying to avoid the spray blowing across the stern and I shouted “Go check on Arlene.”

Just as I said that, Relentless launched off a 7’ breaker. The bow rose skyward and then dropped 10-15’ and pounded the bottom of the next wave. Mrs. Horne hustled by me using the grab rails to make her way to find Arlene.

Landlubber Lesson Learned

When we left OB, Arlene had been in the perfect seat for heavy weather – the very aft seat next to the cockpit door. Accordingly, I didn’t worry about as I wrestled with the wind to get us out to sea.

Apparently, she sensed the chaos we were about to encounter and decided to go to her cabin (the VIP in the very bow of the boat) and play video games on her iPad.

When Mrs. Horne reached her she was laying face down on the bed and holding on for dear life!

I learned a lesson Saturday morning. Never assume a landlubber knows where to sit in heavy weather.

Once I got a 1/2 mile out I turned toward Edgartown and shot a brief video…

It wasn’t pleasant, but we ran smoothly without pounding at 15 mph. The Edgartown Lighthouse never looked so good as we entered the safety of the harbor…

Saving Saturday

We tied up at 11:30 and the wind had dropped to the low 20’s…

We headed into town for lunch. We started at The Seafood Shanty, but there was a line of masked dinners stretching out into the street. I suggested the Atlantic and we got seated in a few minutes…

After lunch the girls went shopping and I decided to explore the south end of Katama Bay by bike. I headed south of town on Water Street and then continued on Katama Road…

Mrs. Horne will love this ride. Although there aren’t any bike paths along the full route, there are some on the main road…

Despite it being a Saturday afternoon in August, there was almost no traffic…

Llama Love

On the way back I road by Ernie Boch’s compound I noticed a sign saying PLEASE DON’T FEED THE LLAMAS. I then looked over and saw two llamas leaning over the fence and kissing people standing by…

When I got back to Relentless, the wind had died down enough to make the Flybridge comfortable. I was sitting up there reading when I heard someone shouting. It was our California friends Tom and Kathy heading back to Kingman in their Riviera…

Edgartown Evening

We finished the day with dinner at E’etoile, which has become my favorite fine dining venue in Edgartown…

The day that began so wild ended up as a picture perfect evening for a stroll through Edgartown…

Yet Another Surprise Sunday

Sunday was always forecast to be the better of the two days. Surprise, surprise, I woke up to this…

Once again I let the girls sleep in. The forecast called for clearing and sunshine around noon, so we headed off to the Chartroom for lunch.

It was so smooth that Arlene and Mrs. Horne played cards all the way over…

We finished our last weekend of August 2021 with a traditional lunch at the Chartroom…

Ready for Ida?

Arlene left Monday and Mike, Susan, Mike, and Patty arrive Tuesday. We’re hoping Ida comes through quickly. We’re back in Edgartown for Labor Day weekend…

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  1. We saw Relentless in the slip in edgartown- we took
    Our EBikes across the chappy ferry to see the Kennedy bridge of doom


  2. We passed you as we were leaving Edgartown heading into the slop. The wind forecasts were accurate, but the sea state and wave heights were way, way bigger than forecast which made the trip up to VH miserable with 4-6 footers on the beam. We were heading home to Mattapoisett but opted to duck into VH to wait for things to settle down.


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