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Chesca’s – Edgartown’s

We’re enjoying perfect weather in Edgartown for a four day Labor Day weekend with guests from the West Coast. Knowing that Edgartown is a tough place to book dinner reservations, I made ours months ago.

Our guests are foodies and I wanted to give them a top shelf Edgartown culinary tour. I booked two of may favorites – Detente Friday and E’etoile for Sunday. I decided to try something new for Saturday – Chesca’s at Vineyard Square…

I mistakenly thought that this was the hotel restaurant at the Vineyard Square Hotel and Spa, but it’s not – it’s completely independent.

As a side note, Chesca’s takes reservations on RESY, not OpenTable.

The dining room is bright and subdued at the same time. I have an aversion to brightly lit rooms and I was totally comfortable at Chesca’s…

The Food

There is a definite “Farm and Sea to Table” theme happening at Chesca’s. It’s a classic Bistro menu with a variety of appetizers and small plates that can easily be assembled as a whole dinner…

The entree menu is even more abundant…

Warm Homemade Bread Service at Chesca’s
sticky rice, grilled baby bok choy, carrots, togarashi, crystalized ginger
scallion, soy reduction, wasabi aioli at Chesca’s
mushrooms, shallots, scallions, stock, marsala wine,
mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables at Chesca’s

One of our guests is a pescatarian (no meats), and she found several excellent choices here.

In the end she created a custom pasta dish in collaboration with our excellent server Forest.

extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil, parmesan cheese at Chesca’s

I sampled the pasta and it was delicious – just the right amount of aromatics. The sauce and angel hair were tossed perfectly.

Although I toyed with the idea of combining two appetizers, I ended up ordering the sirloin…

demi-glace, chianti butter, grilled asparagus, potato gratin at Chesca’s

I had ordered medium rare, but it came more medium. That said, the seasoning and Demi-glacé were perfect, so the extra doneness was fine.

The special treat on this plate turned out to be the Potato Gratin – perfectly cooked potatoes and exotic cheese slightly crisp.

Our guests had a long debate about dessert, but in the end we chose to pass. No doubt they were great, we were simply full and perfectly satisfied…

So where does Chesca’s rank amongst the finest eateries in Edgartown? Despite my slightly overdone steak, I’d put it on par with Detente, E’etoile, and Port Hunter. All prepare food excellently and the differences are in the menu and the atmosphere.

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