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Ending Summa With an 8 Day Weekend!

Quite unusually, we visited Edgartown for the second weekend in a row over Labor Day with guests from California.

While it’s true we did tread on some of the same turf as the week before with Arlene, we certainly did find plenty of new fun.

Can a Weekend Began on Tuesday!

Our guests gave me plenty of “weather wiggle room” by arriving Tuesday night for the Labor Day weekend cruise and they were treated to a rare evening on Buzzards Bay with virtually no wind..

Mike, Susan, Patty, and Mike
Susan, Mrs. Horne, and Patty

The great weather would be short lived with the tail end of Hurricane Ida passing by Wednesday and Thursday…

I woke up early Wednesday just as it was beginning to rain. No boating today, but rather lunch at The Black Whale – my go-to solution for guests on lousy days on Buzzards Bay.

Not only is the food incredible…

But the location, in the heart of New Bedford’s fishing fleet, is an immersive fishing fleet experience…

Tornadoes In The House

I have a habit of falling asleep in my recliner watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I’m not sure when it started, but at this point it’s officially a habit.

So Wednesday night, long after everyone had gone to sleep, I was rudely awaken by the EMERGENCY BROADCAST ALERT blaring from the TV and chirping from my iPhone at 12:30 AM.

Needless to say, I immediately switched over to local weather which was now wall-to-wall doing a tornado watch for the Southcoast.

They were simultaneously showing us likely tornado formations ten miles off of Cuttyhunk and advising everyone on Buzzards Bay to seek shelter in their basement.

Being on stilts and directly on the ocean, we have no basement. So I decided to stay up and do a tornado watch on behalf of everyone else sleeping in the house.

I once had a brush with a tornado in Dallas, so I know the freight train roar they make when they get nearby. I ventured out on the deck and everything was pretty calm.

Finally around 2:00, the weather guy said “Those of you lying west of Marion are out of the tornado hit zone” and I went to bed.

The 2021 Weather Forecast Malaise

Friday was a perfect day to make the 27 mile run to Edgartown and Saturday looked like a classic Bluebird Day. The problem was that there was no consensus regarding Sunday or Monday. And a few models were predicting heavy winds and seas.

But I was already inside the cancellation/refund window for the Harbormaster’s slip and two of our guests had a hotel reservation that was also non refundable, so off we went!

The run over was near perfect…

The temperature was in the mid-seventies and the humidity was low, so we headed over to 19 Raw for an al fresco lunch…

I suppose I could also wax on about lounging on the Flybridge or dining at Detente, but we’ve “been there – done that” on this site, so I’ll just share some photos from Friday afternoon and evening…

Big Saturday!

Mike and Patty love outdoor activity – particularly if it involves exercise, so the four of us started the morning with a 12 mile bike ride from Edgartown to Oaks Bluff and back…

But…the BIG plan for the day was to bring the entire entourage to Norton Point Beach for a picnic on the ocean. Mike and Susan would bring everything by cab and the rest of us would bike over and meet them there.

Norton Point Beach Outing

I discovered Norton Point Beach and the bike path to Katama last weekend when we were visiting town with Arlene…

The picnic part of the afternoon came from Among The Flowers and six custom made sandwiches…

The bike ride is about 6 miles and it’s very low stress – a mile or so through downtown at 15 MPH followed by 6 miles of splendid bike paths…

There is a nice rack to chain up the bikes near the beach and a reserved spot for taxis to offload gear. We had no problem fitting 6 beach chairs, 3 umbrellas, 2 coolers, and lunch in the cab and lugging everything to the beach in one trip.

Despite it being a Bluebird Saturday on Labor Day weekend, we only had to walk a few hundred feet to locate a great spot with wall-to-wall ocean vistas…

The girls took a long walk east toward Obama’s estate…

Meanwhile me and the Mike’s lounged on the beach taking in the sea breeze and listening to Jimmy Buffett…

Yes, listening to music on the beach! One of my favorite toys on Relentless is my Bose Mini Speaker

It’s a little bigger than a hockey puck, but can still fit in your pocket. I hang it from one of the struts on a Tommy Bahama beach umbrella and it really cranks out a loud and full sound via Bluetooth to my iPhone.

By the way, the Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrellas are also great to stash on the boat. Not only do they come in a nice bag that you can sling over your shoulder, but they also have a very effective pauger system that makes them very resilient to a 15 mph sea-breeze…

Although there are numerous NO ALCOHOL signs at every entrance, I did spot a few people discretely consuming cold ones. The beach is patrolled by men on ATV’s, but it seems as though they have no issue with people consuming a civilized adult beverage; however if you act up I’m sure you’ll feel the heat!

Good News for Padanaram

Back on the boat, Mrs. Horne engaged a couple on the dingy dock in a conversation…

Bob and Pam

They’re from Padanaram and they reported that the former site of the Sail Loft in town was reopening. Even better, Steve Silverstein was doing it (of Black Whale and Cisco + Kitchen fame). They also said that they thought South Wharf would still provide dockage for lunch!

As of this writing, there’s nothing on the web confirming this, but I’ll look into it and report as soon as I learn more.

The UNO Tournament

Mike and Susan are competitive Bridge players and like Mrs Horne, they love playing cards. Once everyone cleaned up, they kicked off a four day UNO tournament in the salon…

Although I’m not big on card games, I have to say that UNO is probably the perfect game to have on the boat.

It’s simple enough for my 6 year old grandson to play (and win), but also lends itself to some strategy when it comes to playing the penalty cards.

But like I said, I’m not big on card games, so I put on a little live music concert for the tournament players!

New Restaurant in EdgartownChesca’s

Booking dinner reservations for six on Labor Day Weekend is no small task. I started in early July and ended up with Detente for Friday and E’ETOILE for Sunday. Neither were available two months ago for Saturday night. So I grabbed a new spot – Chesca’s.

I did a full review and you can click here to read it.

Breakfast Crunch on the Vineyard

Wanting to expose our guests to as much of iconic Martha’s Vineyard as possible, I had big plans for Sunday. Mrs. Horne, Patty, and I would bike to Vineyard Haven where Susan and the Mikes would meet us by cab for brunch at the original Black Dog Tavern.

Their cab was delayed and we got their first around 10:30. I rushed to the host desk to get us on the list just as a party of four was being told “30-40 minutes.”

I said “Dave, party of six.”

She said “I’m sorry, but we can’t seat a group of six for breakfast, it’ll have to be lunch at 1:00.”

Sadly, I informed the girls and texted the group in the cab. I quickly considered the options and came up with Linda Jeans in Oak Bluffs.We hopped on the bikes and texted the cab riders to meet us there.

Linda Jean’s weren’t answering the phone and when we got there they told me “30-40 minutes,” took my number, and sent me a very cool link to track our reservation…

As we were chaining up the bikes for a little shopping spree, it occurred to me that The Lookout probably opened around 11:30 and I called to confirm it and see if they had an open table for six.

They answered the phone. It turns out they open at 10:30 for lunch and they had a table for six left that we could have “if we hurried,”

Much to my surprise, at 11:20 the place was packed. We grabbed our table and settled for an early iconic lunch having struck out at an iconic brunch!

The MV Tour Bus

Years ago we discovered the great fun of going on a guided tour of a spot you thought you knew very well. Since two of our guests were coming to MV for the first time, and the other two had only had lunch in Edgartown, I thought a three hour island tour would be fun.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to booking it until Wednesday. I called the most popular private tours and they were sold out til Tuesday (duh – it’s Labor Day Weekend).

After a little more research, I found Tours MV. They had a nice looking website with great reviews, so why not give it a try?

I talked to Craig the owner and he sounded like a good guy, so I booked the private tour for six on Sunday ($480).

He immediately sent me photos of his tour van and it did indeed look comfy…

Anyway, Craig’s sidekick Jocko ended up giving us the tour and it was fine. Jocko was very knowledgeable about the island and it’s history. That said, I was in the second row and I could hear him well, but the three in the 3rd row did say they had some difficulty.

After two hours we’d seen most of the island as we entered Vineyard Haven. I asked Jocko to swing by the Black Dog so I could show our guests what they’d missed at breakfast.

Mrs. Horne suggested we go in for a drink and so we did…

Jocko got us back to Relentless at 5:00 – just in time for our early dinner at E’etoile…

This was our fourth visit to this splendid French eatery and I have to say it’s becoming our favorite.

We had a great server – Sean, who remembered us by name (who doesn’t love that?)

Sean Thomas McGuire

Sean Thomas McGuire introduced himself as “An Irish Catholic kid from Buffalo.” He shared the story about how he visited the island on vacation years ago and never left (I think there’s a tee shirt for sale here that pretty much says the same thing).

We shared a dessert, but it was well into being devoured before I thought to take a photo. Sean returned in a few minutes with six glasses…

It was a “sancerre rosé, cuvée des moulin bâles, célestin blondeau” from France. It was something I’d never order, but incredibly tasty as a dessert wine.

As everyone was enjoying the end to our great day, I checked the weather forecasts on my iPhone one more time and said “I have no idea what the weather will be tomorrow, but we may end up staying til Tuesday!”

I’d been watching Dockwa and I knew our slip was open Monday night. Mrs. Horne had also spoken to the Harbormaster and he’d told her no one was coming in tomorrow so we could stay if we wanted to.

Multiple Ludicrous Weather Forecasts

As reported many times, I have about ten sources I use to forecast the weather. They all disagreed about Monday, but more problematic was the blend of the top meteorological models from WindPredict were all forecasting serious gusts…

I’m not leaving port in 25-33 knot winds and when I see even one forecast this dire, I always assume the worst.

I told everyone that I’d take a read on the weather at 6:00 AM and text them the plan before 7:00 AM.

I woke up around 5:30 and starting checking the models. The NOAA Radar chart looked promising…

They were calling for 15 MPH at dawn, dropping to single digits around 9:00. I then went to the real-time wind readings from the Buzzards Bay Buoy only to see it wasn’t quite true…

It was gusting to 21 knots (24 MPH) at 5:00 AM – which was well above the NOAA forecast model.

So I waited and kept checking…

By 7:00 AM the real-time buoy data was down to the teens and WindPredict was showing a high probability of a nice little departure window between 8:30 and 10:00…

I sent out the group text and advised everyone to plan for an 8:30 departure.

By 8:00 things were looking better and the Boston TV Weathercasters we’re now calling for a beautiful afternoon starting in Boston late morning and clearing up on the Cape after noon. I pushed the departure back to 10:00.

New Plan – Chartroom Bound

In an effort to show our guests the most iconic spots on the Southcoast, we changed our plans to hit the Chartroom for lunch on Labor Day.

Actually, the new plan was to decide whether or not to hit up the Chartroom once we cleared Woods Hole and got a look at Buzzards Bay seas. Although the skies over Edgartown were still ominous, as we entered Vineyard Sound, I could see some clearing 50 miles to the north.

The Sound wasn’t very rough and by the time we cleared Woods Hole, I’d seen a few glimpses of blue skies breaking through.

When we docked at Kingman Marine around 11:45, the sun was breaking out everywhere…

We sat in the new tent area for the first time and enjoyed beautiful summer weather…

The Chartroom Lobster Sandwich

Our afternoon was even more delightful thanks to our excellent (and quite funny) server Becca…

Becca at The Chartroom

I talked her into getting me three drop eggs on my Roast Beef Hash – rather than the standard one…

This addition really completes the dish by balancing the ratio of eggs and hash.

By the way, the eggs were perfectly cooked and the yolks burst covering the hash in golden goodness…

We headed home around 2:00 and finally hit a little wind and surf crossing Buzzards Bay…

Wrapping Up The 8 Day Weekend

As I write this I can hear Mrs. Horne say “This story is too damn long!” So let me wrap it up with some closing photos and videos…

Monday Evening on The Deck
Tuesday Morning Canal Cruise
The Fisherman’s View
F/V Server Dom
The F/V Mac and Cheese
Treat from Tara
No One Liked It!
Dinner at Cisco

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  1. Boy, you’ve summed up our weekend! Hard work by you and Mrs Horne to arrange, followed by fun boating, biking, eating and copious amounts of wine! Thanks Dave!!


  2. To be a guest of the Hornes is like staying in a five star restaurant and hotel. We live too close to be 8 day guest but a night of their company here and there is always a delight. They think of every detail. Glad the PGA guest got a good glimpse of New England.


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