Live Music

Jeff Hilliard – Live Music at The Tavern on the Wharf

Before the pandemic I frequently videoed local musicians and posted them on this site.


There’s been very little live music on Buzzards Bay since March of 2020. In fact, up until late May of 2021, singing was illegal in Massachusetts. It’s very odd since my band performed a full schedule last winter in California.

We were at The Ritz in Oak Bluffs the first night they went back to 100% Open and caught a little of Rosey’s Ritzy Review, but the video wasn’t anything special, so I didn’t publish it.

Rosey, like many club performers, sounds much better live than they do on video – which is not to take anything away from her. In fact she’s a professional studio singer and sang on a Ringo Starr album!

Which is one of the reasons I’m delighted to present Jeff Hilliard as my first Live Music video in two years. Jeff sounded great live, but I think he sounds even better on video.

Live Music at the Tavern on the Wharf

One of the reasons we love going to Plymouth is the preponderance of live music on weekend afternoons. At the end of my bike ride on Sunday morning, I went downtown to see where we could have lunch and take in live music.

The Speedwell Tavern was closed til 4:30 and none of the other regular joints, had any signage regarding live music.

The Tavern on the Wharf has really embraced live music in the last few years, so I went in and asked about live music on Sunday afternoon. Interestingly enough, the hostess told me “No, not today, everyone wants to watch football.”

I like the food at the Tavern so we went back around 1:30 just to eat. We ended up in the back “Beer Garden” and much to my surprise and delight, we found Jeff Hilliard performing.

At first it sounded like he was doing my own set list, but he quickly elevated to a number of creative adaptations of band songs like The Rolling Stones PAINT IT BLACK.

Anyway, that’s enough backstory. Here’s Jeff, I hope you enjoy as much as we do…

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