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The Best October Dock Deals – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

As the 2021 cruising season winds down, we’re entering my favorite time of the year – October Cruising.

Pick your destination and you’ll have no problem landing dockage at the lowest rates of the year. Dinner reservations are widely available with the possible exceptions of the top spots in Newport, Nantucket, or Edgartown.

I was planning our cruise for the first weekend in October and stumbled on a few ridiculously good docking deals. I expanded my search and found 8 that are truly unbelievable…

These eight Marinas clearly have a strategy to fill as many slips as possible by putting out bargain basement prices.

8th Place – Newport Yacht Club $168

$168 is the highest priced bargain I could find for Relentless (a Sabre 48 – your cost may vary), but it’s in Newport RI. I’ve stayed there before and it’s well run and reasonably located.

Most importantly, Newport is truly a city that’s full of life all year round…

7th Place – Mitchell Park L.I. $156.42

We spent four days here in August and it’s a wonderful little seaside village and an extremely centrally located Marina.

6th Place – Sandwich Marina $144

We’ll be staying here on October 8. It’s easy to reach at the end of the Cape Cod Canal and there are two great restaurants very nearby (The Fisherman’s View and The Pilot House).

5th Place – Boston Harbor Shipyard $144

Although the price was the same as Sandwich, this Marina is in Boston. It’s on the airport side of the harbor, but there are plenty of local transportation options in town.

4th Place – The Encore Marina $100

If you love casinos as much as Mrs. Horne, you’ll love this deal. Of course the $100 won’t end up being a bargain if you spend all night feeding the slots!

3rd Place – Nantucket Boat Basin $96

I think we may be visiting Nantucket at the end of next week. The Marina is wonderful and it’s my favorite cruising destination.

2nd Place – Prescott Park Portsmouth NH $60

Yet another bargain in a city that’s “happening” all year round.

1st Place – Falmouth Town Marina $51

Who can argue with FIFTY ONE BUCKS? As far as the Cape goes, Falmouth is pretty active up until Christmas. Although the Marina isn’t near downtown, there’s great Uber service for $10-15 each way.

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