MBB Video

The Summer 2021 MBB Video

As the sun slowly sets on the 2021 boating season and hauling and storing duties await, I thought this would be a great time to look back on our summer cruises and dining adventures.

As you may recall, we were “boatless” in August of 2020 waiting for Relentless to arrive from Florida. This year was quite different. We had a steady flow of guests enjoying post pandemic bliss and looking to cruise Buzzards Bay aboard Relentless for the first time. In fact, from late July through Labor Day, we spent over 20 days at sea, all of which are captured in this music video.

I’ll be doing a season wrap up report in the next week or so and of course my final 2021 video on Christmas Eve, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my music and memories of the Summer of 2021 on the water…

PS: If you have a streaming service like Roku, you can see this on the big screen by downloading the Vimeo App and searching for My Buzzards Bay. There you’ll find all my videos.

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