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The Last 10 Days of the 2021 Season

I am writing you from our winter home in the desert of Southern California. The 2021 boating season is over and our 6 month winter on land has begun.

I apologize for taking so long to send out this report, but things get crazy at the end of the season so I decided to put the final 10 days of adventure into a single season ending report.

We had planned two weekend cruises after Columbus Day, but the cruel weather of 2021 foiled both plans. We did get out on the water for three

day trips along with a quick run to Florida to spec out the order for our new boat (2023).

I have a lot of photos to share, so I’ll try to go easy on the story telling.

Day Trip to Falmouth

I had planned to spend the weekend with Mrs. Horne and some of her childhood girlfriends in Newport. I made the call to cancel Newport Yachting Center 72 hours out with Saturday’s winds forecast for 20 knots plus.

Friday looked great and Sunday looked promising, so we decided to do two days trips – the first being Falmouth. We had planned to meet Tom and Terry in Newport, so when that plan went out the window, we invited them to join us on Relentless for the day…

Terry and Tom

It was quite calm, warm, but kinda gray as we made way through Woods Hole and up the coast to Falmouth Harbor…

Town Bulkhead – Falmouth

The town of Falmouth has a few hundred feet of bulkhead dock at the very end of the harbor. I first discovered it on Mean Kitty ten years ago and I returned several times with both Tenacity and Vigilant. This was the first visit to the Town Bulkhead in Relentless and I wasn’t sure about the depth.

Turns out it was 11’ deep! This is a great spot to tie up for lunch in town. It’s FREE and the closest dock to downtown. I’ve never tried it on a weekend, but I always seem to get a spot. As always, I’d suggest arriving before noon just to be sure.

Anejo Friday!

As you may recall, we tried to eat dinner at Anejo twice over the summer and ended up at La Cucina Sul Mare instead. Fortunately, on a gray Friday in late October, we just walked right in and sat down!

The complementary chips and salsa were perfect – very thin and hot chips with plenty of kick and cilantro in the salsa.

I’m not a big margarita guy, but I recall Anejo serves an incredible Margarita Su Casa and I had to give in.

The food is highly authentic and the presentation is absolutely mouthwatering…

Carne Asada Tostada
Grilled Shrimp Salad
Carne Asada Tacos
Spicy Wings
Carnitas Nachos

Sadly, they don’t take reservations, so unless you’re content sitting on the sidewalk for 30-45 minutes on a summer night, I can only recommend Anejo for lunch or midweek dinner.

Mystical Ride Home

Although I love our Flybridge, I seldom drive up top. This is mostly because our runs are usually over an hour and at 30 MPH, you literally get blown away.

But on that late October afternoon, it was still warm, still, and hazy, so we all ended up on the bridge…

We only did this a few times during the summer, but it’s truly a different experience.

Girlfriends Weekend

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, Mrs. Horne diligently stays in touch with her childhood girlfriends. Over the past few years they have also become honorary crew on Relentless…

Ann, Mrs. Horne, and Carol

The plan had been to spend the weekend in Newport, but the pesky 15-20 knot northeast winds killed that plan. Saturday, I ended up playing in the Season Ending Golf Tournament at the Bay Club and I’m proud to report that my team won!

It’s been quite a few years since I won anything at The Bay Club, so I was thrilled (even though it was a scramble).

Sandwich Sunday

The strong north wind continued to blow so we set off to Sandwich and the Fisherman’s View…

Dockmaster Dwight knows we love the F/V and when he sees Relentless he shouts out to Mrs. Horne to see if we want to head to a slip on the commercial side of the basin. If she says “yes,” Dwight fills out a ticket and I do a “touch and go” at the fuel dock while Mrs. Horne hands him the cash.

But with the strong wind and greenhorn crew, we opted to tie up at the long wharf and walk around the basin. As soon as we tied up Dwight offered to shuttle us across on his center console…

It was very kind of him, but we probably could have used a little exercise before our great lunch…

Shrimp Cocktail at Fisherman’s View
Knuckle Sandwich (Lobster BLT) at Fisherman’s View
Tuna Poke Bowl at Fisherman’s View

Carol was sporting a Relentless Crew Shirt so I snapped a photo for Instagram…

Carol Modeling the Relentless Tee

It’s always interesting to see how quickly New England marinas clear out after Columbus Day…

Our friends Tom and Kathy were still in the water and we spotted Poppy Bay on our way back to Relentless…

Quick Trip to Fort Lauderdale

If you’re a regular reader then you may know that we visited Fort Lauderdale the week before FLIBS to finalize an order for a 2023 Maritimo M55

Maritimo M55

We met with Maritimo America president Dave Northrop and his wife Sheryl…

Although it was a busy three days, but we did manage to see a little of Fort Lauderdale thanks to our great hosts…

We spent the second day in Stuart, but stopped at Carmine’s in Palm Beach on the way home for a nice lunch…

The lunch was great, but what really struck me was seeing sample tasting stations again for the first time since March of 2020…

Beware of Grubhub

Since we ended up eating lunch so late, Mrs. Horne and I decided to cancel our dinner reservations and just order something light from Room Service.

Around 7:00 I discovered the Wyndham TRYP had shut down room service due to the labor shortage, so I went to Yelp and found a nice place that delivered – or so I thought!

Around 8:15 we were still waiting so I called the restaurant and they told me “Grubhub picked it up twenty minutes ago.” Needless to say I didn’t know that the restaurant-that-delivered didn’t actually do the delivery.

After another 15 minutes I called the Grubhub Service Desk and eventually they told me another Grubhub driver had picked up our order and it was gone. “But we’ll be happy to issue you a credit” he said as my empty stomach screamed!

So be aware, when you place an order via Yelp with a restaurant that offers delivery and uses a ride share driver, you may never see your food.

Yelp takes your order, passes it to Grubhub, they charge your credit card, and then ask the restaurant to make your meal and leave on a table by the door. No one checks to see if the bag of food YOU PAID FOR is being picked up by the driver assigned to your delivery.

Anyway, after two hours of waiting I said to Mrs. Horne “Get ready, we’re going out to eat.”

Fortunately, there was a very nice restaurant called The Rendezvous just around the corner and we had a nice meal and conversation with some locals at the bar…

Final Weekend

We returned from Fort Lauderdale Thursday night and wrapped up our boating season on the last weekend in October. Our #1 Crew – Gail and Rudy came down on Saturday…

We had planned to spend the night in Oak Bluffs, but once I saw the forecast – clouds and a high in the 50’s, I canceled. Once again, the forecast was wrong…

It turned out to be a perfect autumn Bluebird Day with highs near 70 and an even more beautiful evening…

We wrapped up our 2021 cruising season with a final run up the canal…

In many ways 2021 was more challenging than 2020, but all tolled it was still a great season. Watch for the Autumn 2021 MBB Video just before Christmas and happy trails to all!

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  1. Great season, loved the videos. I share your affection for New England in summer — we live in Middletown RI and I run around Narragansett bay in a center console. But I like boating too much to spend six months away from salt water so we go to Stuart FL for the winter. I keep a center console there as well. I’m sure living in the desert has pluses but I need to be within five minutes of the ocean to enjoy life.

    Have a great winter.


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