It’s been two months since our final cruise and four months until we launch for the 2022 season. We had fewer Covid challenges in 2021 but far more weather headaches.

We know it was a record year for boat sales, but I can’t help but wonder if many first time mariners now have buyers remorse. While there’s nothing better than a Bluebird Day on calm seas, most weekend boaters really got walloped by the weather in 2021.

If you follow this site, you know we managed to navigate the crazy weather, sheltering in Greenport, NY, as the remnants of Hurricane Fred hit New England and then racing Henri across four states to be the final boat hauled hours before her direct hit on Block Island.

The final video of the season begins with a trip to Plymouth in early September and ends with three October day trips. In between we visited Provincetown, Falmouth, Hyannis, Martha’s Vineyard, and even a boat buying trip to Fort Lauderdale.

As has become my tradition, I’m publishing our final season video a few days before Christmas Eve. I, for one, will be watching it after the family turns in on Christmas Eve and I know a few of you will as well.

And if you love our MBB Videos as much as I do, load the Vimeo App on your Roku and search for “My Buzzards Bay.” This and all of our other videos will show up for viewing on “the big screen”.