It’s 18 miles to Oak Bluffs, and at 30 MPH, Relentless burns 28 gallons of diesel – about a third the fuel burn of Newport, Provincetown, or Nantucket.

Given a choice, I say save diesel!

So we went back to Oak Bluffs. The first two reports had plenty of fun, but some important seamanship tips on radar and the shoals in Plymouth’s outer harbor.

This week, I’ve got nothing to share on better boat handling; this report is all about the good people we met along the way, the delicious food we enjoyed, and new for 2022, my drone video of the ports we visit.

We departed Friday morning amidst the gray for Oak Bluffs.

Great People

While it’s true that simply being on the water is good for the soul, Mrs. Horne and I really enjoy meeting people when we visit new ports.

Our guests for this cruise were our #1 Crew – Gail and Rudy…

Gail and Rudy

We pulled into the Boardwalk slip in front of Coop deVille (again) with zero docking drama. Unlike backing into a slip, docking on the bulkhead is simply a sideways slide, thanks to the proportional bow and stern thrusters.

As soon as we tied up, Jennifer and Kris greeted us, bearing gifts…

Jennifer and Kris

Kris is a retired State Police Officer, and their gifts were official State Police baseball caps – THANK YOU!

We met them two weeks ago. They love hosting friends and family along the Boardwalk. I asked them if they had any problem getting the spot, and they told me that they have it booked through the marina for several days a week throughout the summer.

Mark (from Mass Maritime) is their regular guest/crew…

And Friday, they were joined by Scott, the chef at Jimmy Seas

Kris, Scott, Mark, and Jennifer

Jennifer introduced me to Scott as a “Foodie,” and he immediately asked me if I’d ever eaten at Jimmy Seas. I told him, “Yes, but it wasn’t that great.”

I mentioned that it was about five years ago and told Scott what disappointed me (to the best of my memory). I was impressed by Scott’s concern and committed to returning for a second chance.

MV Chowder Company

It was around noon and still cool on OB, so we took a pass on lunch at the Coop and walked down the street to try the Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company for the first time this season.

The MV Chowder Company got hit hard by the pandemic shutdown and labor shortages that followed. They were closed all of 2020 and began 2021 doing just take out.

As of last Friday, I’d say they’re more than back to pre-pandemic service levels. In fact, we probably had the best server ever – a very charming young man named Alexandro…

MV Chowder Company Server Alexandro

Alex is a student from Romania. He’s studying hospitality management and definitely has the chops to make it.

When MV Chowder Company finally reopened with full-service last summer, they still had a shortened menu. But now they seem to have everything and even a little more.

As you might expect, the Chowder is a musttry appetizer…

Cup of Chowder – MV Chowder Company

It’s unique on many levels. First of all, it’s thinner and lighter than the pasty stuff most places serve. It’s full of clams and veggies in smaller pieces. It’s also lighter on the potatoes, making the other veggies (celery and carrots) stand out more prominently.

Gail and Rudy shared the Steak and Chicken Skewers – which were a special…

Steak Skewers – MV Chowder Company
Chicken Skewers – MV Chowder Company

Mrs. Horne and I split the Seafood Medley Cakes and Bourbon Brussels Sprouts…

Seafood Medley Cakes – MV Chowder Company
Brussels Sprouts – MV Chowder Company

The Sprouts were excellent, but the bacon and bourbon flavors were almost overpowering. The Seafood Medley Cakes were outstanding. The white sauce was a classic Tartar and the red sauce with a spicy aioli.

After lunch, the sun came out bright and strong.

We enjoyed yet another early summer day on the flybridge.

At some point, the Captain of the boat in front of us came by and asked if it would be okay if he turned up the music on his boat. Very nice!

It turned out that Captain John was hosting an annual outing for his ten best friends from high school. They pretty much drank all day, did some grilling, more drinking, and a few went swimming. Two slept on the boat, and the rest stayed in town.

It was Gail and Rudy’s wedding anniversary, and we all went to the Red Cat Kitchen for a celebratory dinner…

Rudy had the Cloud Candy.. This is a really bold Hazy IPA

Buttermilk Fried Chicken – The Red Cat Kitchen
Rhode Island Three Ways – The Red Cat Kitchen
Sashimi Tuna – The Red Cat Kitchen
Brussels Sprouts – The Red Cat Kitchen


I woke up Saturday morning determined to shoot a great video of the west side of the OB Boat Basin. I ran into FAA restrictions. I think it’s a fascinating story, but since it may not be for everyone, I’ve made into a POSTSCRIPT and moved it to the end of this report.

SPOILER ALERT – I eventually got my flight permit and shot my video. Here it is set to Will Smith’s hit song MIAMI…

As I was piloting the drone, Petey’s new barker John came in early for work and got utterly mesmerized by the flight.

John at Coop deVille

He’s not only a great front-of-the-house face for the Coop but also a fine young man.


Gail and Rudy have been to Edgartown dozens of times, but they’d never been to our new favorite restaurant- the Atlantic. So we grabbed a cab and headed over.

The Bar at The Atlantic Edgartown

Once again, the bar team served and entertained us throughout a tasty meal…

Jaryl, Christina, and Tyler
The Captain, Mrs. Horne, Gail, and Rudy

I finally ordered the Shishito Peppers, and they were fabulous. It’s one of those dishes that may make me want to go back to the Atlantic again as soon as possible.

Shishito Peppers at The Atlantic Edgartown
Charbroiled Oysters at The Atlantic Edgartown
Classic Burger at The Atlantic Edgartown
Lobster Roll at The Atlantic Edgartown

After lunch, we returned to the OB Boardwalk and took in the beautiful afternoon…

I was playing the Creedence Clearwater channel on Pandora, and it turned into a perfect early summer evening…

We decided to take the very short walk to Coop deVille for dinner. I asked John to let us know when a spot opened up, and around 6:30, he came up to the flybridge to tell us he had four near the bar – such excellent service.

Sunset from the Coop deVille
Steamers at the Coop deVille
Fried Banana Peppers at the Coop deVille
Giant Onion Rings at the Coop deVille
Standard Buffalo Wings (10) at the Coop deVille
Grilled Tuna Burger at the Coop deVille

After dinner, we adjourned to the flybridge, and I forgot I’d left my Desantis 2024 flag up…

Suddenly we heard people talking about it, and Mrs. Horne started a semi-political conversation with a couple on the Boardwalk…

Leah and Jeff

We meet more fun people docked on the Boardwalk!

First Chartroom Visit of 2022

The forecast for Sunday looked spectacular, so we decided to hit the Chartroom for the season’s first visit. We shoved off at 10:30 and enjoyed smooth seas through Woods Hole and up the south side of Cape Cod…

The dock crew at the Chartroom was as professional as ever, and we were delighted to be assigned a huge spot on the front dock. It was just noon, and we landed in a great location under the tent…

New Feel at the Chartroom

After a few minutes, it became apparent that the Chartroom had upgraded its level of service. In the past, they’d hire young kids for summer jobs. We’d watch them struggle and bet on who’d be gone by the Fourth of July.

No longer, our server was completely professional, with full command of the menu.

The charm of the Chartroom was never the food, it was the atmospheric (and the Mudslides). But Sunday, as the food arrived, it was noticeably better prepared than in the past…

Steamers at the Chartroom
Lobster Roll at the Chartroom
Half Ruben at the Chartroom
The other Half Ruben at the Chartroom

Rudy is quickly becoming an IPA aficionado. He liked the first one he had (Cisco Whales Tale), but wanted to try something different. He asked our server for a Hazy IPA, and she said, “I don’t know; let me check.”

The next thing we knew, a fellow appeared to provide Rudy with firsthand advice…

Bartender Todd at the Chartroom

Todd asked Rudy a few questions and recommended a local Hazy IPA called Framework.

I’ve been visiting the Chartroom for almost fifty years, and I have never seen a bartender visit a table like a beer sommelier! Yeah, the Chartroom has taken things to a new level.

We’re hoping to visit Edgartown Sunday and Monday if the forecast turn in our favor. If not, it’ll be Nantucket starting Thursday.

POSTSCRIPT: Drone Authorization Zones

I bought my new drone to shoot videos in some of the most scenic spots in America. These are also some of the more restricted areas, and I was wondering if droning was even legal on Martha’s Vineyard!

Anyway, around 9:00 AM Saturday, I grabbed my gear and walked down the beach with an eye today trying. I went through my preflight checklist and began the 5-second launch sequence. Instead of taking off, the female robot voice came on, saying:


Now what?

The app prompted me to apply for a permit, and after about thirty seconds, it said my application was denied.

Again, now what?

I picked up my stuff and returned to Relentless to hit up google and find out what I was stepping in.

DJI is the Cat’s Meow when it comes to drones, and it didn’t take me long to discover that they enforce restricted air space for their drones and manage the permitting process through their Fly Safe website.

I created an account and logged in to better understand the restricted air space over Martha’s Vineyard.

These are all the restricted zones over Eastern Massachusetts…

There are three restrictions over the island…

The most obvious one is around the runways at the airport. Red means this in an unequivocal no-fly zone.

To the South of OB, thats restricted due to Trade Winds…

It turns out Trade Wind is a small airport in Oak Bluffs.

While you cannot fly a drone over or near airport runways, there is a tiered limit as you move out. The first is limited to 60 meters (about 200’)…

Then, right around the Southern edge of the boat basin, it goes to 150 meters or 500’.

The third patch of restricted air space is over the Dukes County Jail!

After figuring out my drone’s serial number and uploading a federal identification card, I was granted a permit and started shooting my drone video of Oak Bluffs.

Stay tuned for more aerial videos from restricted air space and a new page here devoted to drone videos…