We’re on Nantucket for our annual Father’s Day week rendezvous with other Buzzards Bay boaters. I covered the first half earlier in this report: Nantucket Week – Part One.

Saturday- Beach Day

We’ve been truly spoiled by the weather we’ve had here in years past. The water is still cool (64°), and warm fronts arriving from the west often bring wind, rain, and fog. Traditionally, Mid-June in the islands is seldom perfect, but I can only remember one lousy day in Nantucket.

Unlike past years, 2022 was 50/50 good weather (at best). Thursday was postcard perfect but cool. Friday was gray in the morning but clear by Cocktail Hour.

Saturday was beautiful at dawn, and while the forecast called for clouds late, it looked like a great day to rent jeeps, pack up a picnic lunch, and head to Great Point Beach.

We rented jeeps from the local shop years ago. It was just over $300 for the day. In 2021, I considered doing it again and went to the Affordable Rentals website and asked for a quote.

It came back at $349/day (plus taxes), and on the weekends, it was a two-day minimum. $700+ for a day at the beach? No thanks!

You Have To Try Turo

At the Cocktail Party, Doc Ruel mentioned he was planning on bringing Joan and Jean to Great Point and invited us to join them. I told him it wasn’t worth $700, and told me about Turo.

Turo is a gig business model like AIRBNB for rental cars. People offer their own vehicles for rent at far more reasonable prices.

You can book HERE or download the app at your App Store.

There were dozens of 4 Wheel Drive cars available, with most Jeeps around $200-300/day.

I found a 2022 Jeep Cherokee for $110, offered by a woman named Ellen.

I had to book it before I could text her, so I did and immediately asked her if I could take it to Great Point. She said, “Yes, in fact, it has a Sand setting on the 4 Wheel Drive.”

The whole Turo process is perfect for boaters. The owner comes to you, and you get in the car and go. The contract said 200 miles but didn’t mention refueling, so I asked Ellen if I could skip it and offered her $20.

The Cherokee was brand new. It had 299 miles on it, and it was spotless. It included two beach chairs and towels.

We headed to Claudette’s in Siasconset for picnic sandwiches.

Nantucket Beach Pass Fail!

It turns out that only the owner of a Jeep can get a day pass out to Great Point. Rental owners need to get a seasonal pass that will allow their customers to get a day pass.

Not only was Ellen’s 2022 Cherokee brand new, but so was Ellen’s career with Turo! She didn’t know about this when I asked her about it.

Anyway, Mrs. Horne tried in vain to work around it. The guard even called Ellen. And to her credit, she offered to take the 45-minute drive to the guard house to sign the papers and pay the $432 fee for an annual pass.

Time For Plan B!

By then, we’d wasted close to half an hour, and after considering loading everyone into Doc Ruel’s Jeep, we decided to go with Plan B, and we headed to Jetties Beach and salvaged our picnic lunch.

Claudette’s sandwiches were fantastic. The wheat bread was homemade, fresh, soft and full of flavor. The House Sauce and Shredded Carrots made my Ham and Cheese genuinely unique.

The north wind was howling on the beach. By now, Tom and Doc Ruel had both concluded that Sunday was likely going to be “snotty” all day, and both had business on the mainland early Monday morning.

There looked to be a window around 5:00 when the wind would shift direction and die. Vigilant and True North were going to try and catch that window.

As I drove Mrs. Horne to the Marine Store, we caught Tom and Terry returning from Biking and Cisco. Tom confirmed their plan to form a flotilla around 5:00.

Returning Ellen’s Turo couldn’t be simpler. She texted me and told me to park it anywhere, leave the keys under the seat, and send her a photo of where it was.

Note how I cleverly included the “30-Minute Parking” sign in the photo.

Mid Afternoon Oysters

We only ate half our sandwiches at the beach, and by 3:00, we were getting a tad hungry. We’d planned to try out The Gaslight with Tom and Terry for dinner, but with them leaving town, we decided to grab some oysters, turn in and watch movies, and get a pizza at Oath.

Mrs. Horne did a little shopping while I looked for a lively seaside gin joint we could visit for our oyster fix.

The original bar at the Club Car was packed, so there we went!

For some reason, I decided to pass on my traditional Hazy IPA and try their Margarita.

The menu listed Oysters at $25 without saying how many we’d get. We placed an order, discovered it was only five, and ordered a second.

They were great oysters with a unique sauce, but come on, man, $5/oyster is just plain goofy!

Quiet Evening Onboard Relentless

We returned to the boat just after Vigilant and True North had shoved off. We monitored their return via texts, and Terry sent me a shot of True North trailing Vigilant in Nantucket Sound.

The reports of a calm weather window turned out to be optimistic. Both Captains reported choppy seas all the way home, especially in Buzzards Bay.

Just before Sunset, I logged on to Buoy Cast and saw that the winds at the mouth of Buzzards Bay were approaching Gale Force.

By the way, the Oath pizza was as good as ever!

Happy Father’s Day To ME!

While I’d love to have my little family with me on Father’s Day, they live in San Diego, so I’m stuck with the next best thing – Father’s Day on Nantucket.

But this Father’s Day on Nantucket felt more like November than June.

Living In The Moment..

As John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans…”

I think we all tend to rush through life. Monday morning, we run through the week to get to Friday. When we’re cruising, we rush to depart and speed to our destination.

This is what makes a cold and rainy morning on an island so very special. We don’t need to be anywhere. We are simply living in the moment. Very special!

Brunch at The Breeze

My daughter lives in San Diego, so I seldom get to spend Father’s Day with her and her family. Mrs. Horne does a great job making it special, and it’s not that difficult when we’re on a boat in Nantucket.

Dinner at The Brandt Point Grill is a Father’s Day tradition, but our brunch venue is always an option. We’ve done Fog Island Dinner (no longer open), Island Kitchen, and or, The Whale. All were good, but I like exploring new eateries.

In 2020, Mrs. Horne and I had an incredible meal at The Breeze Restaurant inside the Nantucket Hotel, so I opted for it for my Father’s Day Brunch. It turned out to be my third somewhat disappointing meal on Nantucket.

We ended up seated in the bar in these really deep plush chairs (I felt like the Queen of Hearts). Our server ended up being the bartender. He was a nice guy but a little too busy to give us prompt service.

My traditional Father’s Day brunch is simple – Eggs over Easy, Sausage, Home Fries, and Toast.

I went to order it and noticed all they had was bacon. I mentioned it just as I was changing my order to Eggs Benedict, and the bartender said, “Our bacon is very good.” So I stuck with it.

Mrs. Horne was torn between the P.E.I. Mussels and the Lobster Roll. Once again, the bartender injected, “Our Lobster Roll is the best.” And she ordered it.

When the food arrived, our disappointment set in…

The bacon wasn’t remotely special; it looked like straight-up skinny Oscar Mayor. Instead of home fries, the potatoes were cold little shoestrings, and THERE WAS NO TOAST (OMG).

I immediately asked for toast, and about two minutes later, he brought out one cold slice with no butter!

The eggs were cooked perfectly.

Mrs. Horne’s Lobster Roll was far from “the best “ It was on a plain hot dog roll made from claw and knuckle meat.

The fries were hot and tasty!

I’m not mentioning my three disappointing meals in an effort to transition to becoming a whiny food critic. I would never do that.

I share these observations to give all of you a heads up, perhaps alert management that all’s not right in the kitchen, and report some unusual data on the summer of 2022.

There were plenty of reasons why food service could have been disappointing in 2020 (Pandemic Lockdowns) and 2021 (Labor Shortage), but not in 2022. I’m not sure what’s going on, but three of our eight dining experiences were disappointing, so something’s up.

New Friends with a New Boat

One of our long-time followers on My Buzzards Bay spotted Relentless and emailed me this photo to introduce himself.

We exchanged messages and ended up visiting new their yacht, Chairtime on Sunday afternoon.

Scott and The Captain

Scott and his wife Anna had just taken delivery of a brand new Azimut Magellano 66.

It’s a very impressive yacht with true ship-like design elements. Although she didn’t want her photo taken with Scott, I did get a shot of Anna at the helm.

Father’s Day Dinner

As mentioned earlier, my traditional Father’s Day dinner is at The Brandt Point Grill inside the White Elephant Resort on the harbor’s east side.

The White Elephant Resort

This year was different because we celebrated with friends from our desert home in La Quinta, California. The dinner was planned over a round of golf at The Quarry back in April with Tom & Kathy and Harris & Nancy.

I commend everyone for pulling it off. Tom and Kathy had to come over from Pocasset in heavy seas on Saturday. Harris had to run across Nantucket Sound late Sunday amid strong wind and seas in his 42’ Boston Whaler.

Harris and Nancy’s Whaler Buoy Toys

The air was mid 50’s, and other than the windshield, Harris was pretty much exposed to the elements. I’m not sure how fast he went, but I know Buoy Toys will run in the ’50s. Rumor has it that some scotch was involved!

This was our third or fourth dinner at Brandt Point, and they simply never fail to delight. The food, atmosphere, and near regal service are simply first-class.

I forgot to take photos of our friends at dinner, but I did get some pictures of our exquisite meals.

Gnocchi at Brandt Point Grill
Scallops and Risotto Gnocchi at Brandt Point Grill
Ribeye with Bearnaise Sauce Gnocchi at Brandt Point Grill

It’s certainly not an inexpensive meal, but most prices were in line with other Nantucket restaurants (my ribeye was $69, and Mrs. Horne’s gnocchi was $34.)

Tom and Kathy love staying on a mooring and tied their dinghy up behind Relentless. I shot a few photos of them heading out of the Boat Basin after dinner.

Monday – A “Perfect 10”

We have no regrets sitting out lousy weather on Friday morning and all day Sunday, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I was delighted to wake up Monday morning to bright sunshine and a gentle breeze.

This was the day on Nantucket we’d been waiting for. It all began with a bike ride out to Siasconset and Sankaty.

Sesachacha Pond near Siasconsett

After another quick lunch at B-ACK Yard BBQ, we returned to Relentless, and I shot some drone videos of this glorious Blue Bird afternoon.

Dry Chicken Wings at B-ACK Yard BBQ
Fried Chicken at B-ACK Yard BBQ
Mac & Cheese at B-ACK Yard BBQ

Drone Video

More New Friends

I started doing drone videos for the website, but I’m also discovering that it’s a great conversation starter. As I was landing the drone, I caught the attention of a couple sunbathing on a spotless Luhrs 41.

We chatted for a while across the dock before inviting them up to the Flybridge. Scott and Sandy turned out to be interesting people.

Sandy and Scott

Scott owns a marina in Scituate and Sandy owns an off-the-grid lodge in northern Maine called the Tea Pond Lodge. It’s a year-round lodge with fishing in the summer and snow machining in the winter.

Queequeg’s – The Best til Last

We discovered Queequeg’s in 2021 with Ben and Becky and loved it for the pasta. We returned Monday night, but rather than sit outside, we sat at the bar and enjoyed a great evening of food and entertainment from our bartender JT.

JT at Queequeg’s

The minute sat down, he started his banter and never let up. He made us each a little cocktail without even asking.

Then he started talking about being a lawyer, getting arrested, and some story about a partner who was found guilty of racketeering. It may have been true or not, but it was certainly entertaining.

The first time at Queequeg’s, we focused on pasta. This time we went tapas.

Cod Cakes at Queequeg’s
Spicy Tuna Roll at Queequeg’s
Pork Belly Sticky Buns at Queequeg’s

All three were excellently prepared “fun foods.” We talked to another couple at the bar and concluded that dining at the bar at Queequeg’s had become an annual event.

We both had business in Mattapoisett early Tuesday, so we departed around 8:00 AM. The forecast called for a strong easterly wind kicking up around 9:00, so I headed north out of the harbor for about eight miles and then ran straight for 25 miles downwind to Woods Hole.

It was dead calm in Vineyard Sound, so I switched on the autopilot and turned on DirectTV to watch the market open FBN while scanning the horizon and monitoring my chart.

Next stop – Newport Rhode Island…