We wrapped up the spring cruising season with a quick weekend in Newport, Rhode Island. It had initially been Friday to Sunday, then Saturday to Monday, but eventually, we yielded to the weather and settled for two perfect days away.

Mattapoisett Harbor – 9:30 Saturday Morning

Over the last few years, we’ve become accustomed to longer cruises, because first of all, we can! But also, the cost of fuel and the work cleaning up is the same if we go to Nantucket for seven days or Newport for two.

This last weekend, we had no choice, so we made the most of it! Clearly, several days away to an island is a cruise, but two days in Newport is more of a getaway.

The difference between a cruise and a getaway is subtle but real; a multi day cruise is more of a vacation while a weekend getaway is pretty much nonstop fun.

Our guest was our dear old friend Peter…

Mrs. Horne and Peter

As mentioned before, my boating history with Peter goes back to the 1970s, as does our family’s friendship.

Newport Saturday

We pulled into the Newport Yachting Center around 11:30, and I was delighted to hear that they honored my request for a front dock spot.

They let me pick the side to tie up on, and I went with the port side so that the Flybridge lounge would face the harbor.

Bar and Board Bistro Lunch

We discovered this wonderful little spot in the spring of 2021. Although it was downright hot out on the street Saturday, the open air shady lower dining room, combined with the gentle ocean breeze blowing across America’s Cup Avenue, created a perfect seaside atmosphere.

Lunch at BBB is quite different than other seaside eateries along the southeast coast. Yes, they offer splendid local oysters, but at $25/dozen, they’re very reasonably priced ($2.10/each.)

The fun begins after the oysters! The 2nd B in BBB is for Board, as in Charcuterie Board. And in this case, you create your own from their buffet of incredible handcrafted components.

You’ll probably give back all the money you saved on the oysters filling out your board, but it’ll all be worth it!

We went with the Iberico Chorizo de Bellota ($25). It’s described as a 60-day dry-aged, corn-fed pork paprika from Spain. We added Midnight Moon Gouda ($14), a semi-hard, six-month-old goat’s milk from California. And a Telleggio ($7), a washed rind, smear-ripened soft cow’s milk cheese from Italy. Just to be on the safe side, we doubled up on the crostinis – a bargain at $2.00.

That worked out to a $49 board or $74 for the board, plus a dozen oysters. A little pricey, but more than enough for a hungry couple. And far more adventurous than a couple of lobster rolls with fries and cole slaw.

Of course, we weren’t a couple; we were three, so we added an order of Duck Drumettes ($17) consisting of house-cured & confit duck wings; passion fruit, tamarind & sriracha, purple cabbage slaw, with creme fraiche.

Yet again, we enjoyed a dish you will not find anywhere else on the southeast coast. We could have stopped here and had a full lunch for $91, but just to be sure also ordered a Pork Belly Bahn Mi ($17) with house-cured pork belly, duck mousse spread, shredded carrots, easter egg radish, sweet chili, served in a torpedo roll.

So, this was a fine sandwich, but after the incredible first three dishes, it came off a little on the pedestrian side. The only obvious negative was the pork belly. Rather than offering up that thick bacon flavor, it came off more like a smoked pork tenderloin. As I said, it was a fine sandwich, but if I had it to do over again, I’d probably add another item to the board.

Flybridge Afternoon

With the air near 80° and the breeze blowing gently, we only had one thing planned for the afternoon; lounging on the Flybridge and watching the action in the harbor.

And we did it well…

Dinner at The Moorings

Newport is one of those ports where you have to make dinner reservations a month in advance (similar to Edgartown and Provincetown). Long before we invited Peter to join us, I booked dinner for four at The Moorings for Saturday night.

Headlines everywhere are screaming RECESSION, but I can tell you firsthand that OpenTable and RESY were reservation wastelands the week before.

Bag Of Donuts (Lobster Fritters)
Chicken Tortellini

Grilled Pork Chop

With the evening temperature just under 80°, we ended the evening back on the Flybridge watching the sunset.

Sunday Morning Drone Aerial Video

Mrs. Horne gave me the green light to launch the drone at 8:00 AM on Sunday, and despite several air restrictions, I think I captured Newport by air in two and a half minutes.

With a forecast for a Blue Bird day and flat seas, we set site for our first Dock and Dine of the year at The Chartroom.

Newport Harbor
Fort Adams

The Chartroom

Soundings Magazine recently names The Chartroom as the #4 Dock and Dine venue in New England.

Chowder and Steamers
Half a Ruben

The forecast for wind never showed up, and we cruised home at 10 knots in the flybridge.

Our California family is arriving today for two weeks, so we’ll just be doing day trips. We’ve blocked the last two weeks of July to go to Maine, and I plan to report