The Buzzards Bay Boaters Facebook group organized a boating Ice Cream Social behind Bassetts Island on Saturday. Our family was in town, and since our grandkids go crazy for ice cream, we put it on the calendar.

The social ran from 11:00 to 1:00, but kids need to have lunch before ice cream, so we headed to Chartroom for an early lunch.

Relentless at Kingman Marine

We got to the rendezvous point around 1:15, and the social was over, but Tom and Terry and our old boat Vigilant were anchored, so we rafted up for an impromptu swim party.

The kids were having so much fun that they almost forgot that I’d promised them ice cream from a boat!

Sea Scoops – On The Grid

I had messaged Sea Scoops a few days earlier to see if they’d still be around after 1:00, and they got back to me pretty quickly. I used Facebook Messenger. In addition, they have a map on their website that shows where the boat is.

As soon as I set anchor, I tried to locate them via Messenger and found them very much on the grid.

Introducing Sea Scoops

The crew of four hails from West Falmouth by boat. Being an ice cream boat is their day job; they all work Healthcare Monday to Friday.

Captain Jeb commands the well-decorated pontoon boat. The crew is Sierra, Kelly, and Sherri.

The menu is straightforward, and every cup costs $7.00 (or $8.00 for vegan)…

My grandson got Cake Batter.

And my unicorn-loving granddaughter went with Cotton Candy.

The ice cream is excellent, and the flavor selection is unique. They also do private events for a minimum of 50 Cups and have a Trailer for land gigs.

Given that they operate on a pontoon boat in Buzzards Bay, I wouldn’t expect to see them anywhere other than circling Bassetts Island, but who knows.

I know a lot of you organize rafting flotillas in the summer and what could be more fun than having Sea Scoops pull up and start dishing out mouthwatering ice cream?