Day 4 was the first morning of the trip when we weren’t packing up to head to another port. The plan for the day was to bike around Spruce Point and get a closer look at the Maine seashore.

In recognition of the rich dinner Wednesday night, I started the crew off with a very light breakfast of oranges and watermelon.

Peter needed to rent a bike, and fortunately, a Pedego dealer just opened in Boothbay.

After walking across the wooden footbridge, we took a right and headed down Atlantic Ave.

There are plenty of little country roads all around the peninsula, although most are dead ends. I’m okay with that because dead-end streets have zero through traffic.

Here’s a little gallery of sights along the way.

The Spruce Point Inn
Lobster Cove

That Super Yacht you see in a couple of photos is VIVA. She’s owned by Frank Fertitta III — CEO of Station Casinos headquartered in Las Vegas and founder of Zuffa LLC, the parent entity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

She is 85th largest yacht in the world at 308’. You can find more details here.

After returning to Relentless, we met a lovely couple named Jim and Julie. They’re from Freeport, Maine, and came to Boothbay for a little anniversary celebration – they were married here.

The came in aboard Pause, their Boston Whaler Conquest 345.

The Boathouse

Kim had recommended The Boat House, so we headed over there for lunch. It’s a long walk up two flights of stairs to get to the roof deck, but it’s worth it for the view.

Mrs. Horne was getting into the Vacationland spirit sporting her beach hat on the patio (isn’t she cute?)

The Deck Bar at The Boat House

Peter went with Chowder (what a surprise) and the fish of the day sandwich, which was bluefin tuna,

He loved it, but it was a massive piece of tuna, and he couldn’t even finish it.

Mrs. Horne went for the burger with Gorgonzola and Mushrooms.

It too was immense. I stole a bite, and it was really flavorful and juicy.

I ordered the Shrimp tacos, which were purported to be blackened and garnished with pickled carrots and jicama.

I’m sad to report it just wasn’t very good. The shrimp were not blackened; more sautéed with Cajun spices (something I would not have ordered).

There were very little pickled veggies, and shrimp was so wet it spilled as the food runner delivered it. Needless to say, the tortilla was soggy and thus inedible as a taco. Oh well…

After lunch, Kim let us move to their primo dockage. It had been reserved for an 80’ yacht, but they canceled at the last minute.

Boothbay Harbor by Drone

The wind was kicking up, and it seemed like the perfect time to test the drone in 20-knot winds.

Here’s a short video tour I did of Boothbay Harbor.

Mrs. Horne went shopping in town, and after shooting the drone video, we did too. Boothbay is a small village with no more than a dozen shops.

Ports Of Italy

We dined in town at Ports of Italy. We had reserved a table, but there were three seats at the bar, so we grabbed them.

Our server Kathy was also the bartender.

Kathy at Ports of Italy

She is an excellent bartender, and it was quite entertaining watching her work.

Mrs. Horne ordered the Di Mare, and it was delightful.

Like everything at Ports of Italy, it was surprisingly affordable at $26.

Peter finally ordered the Lobster Raviolis, and they too were excellent.

At $32, they were the most expensive dish on the menu.

I went with the Gnocchi Al 4 Formaggi.

It too was excellent. I can see why this place was packed; great food, proper portions (not too big), and low prices.

Fireworks Over The Harbor

This is the weekend of the Boothbay Yacht Club Regatta. Kim told us about it at the same time she told us about the fireworks. I erroneously thought they were related, but it turns out that’s not true.

The fireworks are put on by a local business owner to celebrate his wedding anniversary! This year marks the 20th, so the display was doubled. He also hired Lionel Richie to sing at the party. Apparently, Richie had also sung at the original wedding reception.

Anyway, to me it was a great way to kick off the Regatta, so here’s a short highlight video set to Jonathan Richmond and the Modern Lover’s one hit wonder Roadrunner.

Tomorrow we’re heading out to explore the area and drop anchor for a picnic lunch.