We continued to head south on Tuesday, leaving Portland just after 8:00 for the 60-mile run to Wentworth-By-The-Sea.

Despite the lack of wind, we ran into 3-5’ rollers from the mouth of Portland Harbor until we got on a due south heading. I had to drop to 26 MPH to match the wave period.

The lobster pots weren’t as bad as we hugged the coast about 2 miles offshore.

The Lobsterman
Cape Neddick Nubble Light

Despite the autumn-like temperatures, Mrs. Horne rode out back almost the entire 100 minute ride.


I toyed with docking in downtown Portsmouth, but I’ve heard boats rock a lot due to the currents, and Relentless doesn’t have a gyro, so we returned to the marina near the resort.

I was up in the Flybridge penning my Day 8 report when I noticed Peter and Mrs. Horne working on something. Apparently, the seam on one of the cushions had pulled out, and Mrs. Horne was sewing it up.

This is a very nice marina with a snack bar, pool, and two restaurants. The problem is that it’s ten minutes from downtown Portland. The dockhand told us they give us a courtesy car, but I didn’t want to deal with parking, so we used Uber.

Route 1A into Portsmouth

With the early departure, we’d skipped breakfast, so we were on the verge of getting hangry.

We targeted a few interesting restaurants, but when we walked past the Portsmouth Brewery, we looked at the menu and headed in.

Being early on a Tuesday, it wasn’t crowded, but it wasn’t empty either.

I was excited to get a local craft IPA draft and went with one called Surrender To The Flow.

Surrender To The Flow IPA at The Portsmouth Brewery

As much as we all love seafood, we were getting a tad burnt out on oysters, clams, lobster, etc.

Mrs. Horne went with the Nacho Platter…

Nachos at The Portsmouth Brewery

I’m not a huge fan of Nachos, but these were well executed. The chips were just shy of being burnt, and they were layered with a lot of cheese. We got the Pico on the side, so the only other thing in the mix was jalapeños and black olives.

Needless to say, Peter started with chowder (photo omitted intentionally), and we split the Dunk Burger.

Dunk Burger at The Portsmouth Brewery

It was an 8-ounce Angus beef patty, roasted mushrooms, gruyere, caramelized onion, baby arugula, and beer wort mayo. We ordered it medium rare plus, and that’s precisely how it came! Mouthwatering!


I’m not much for shopping, but on Tuesday in Portsmouth, I discovered a wonderful store called Attrezzi.

It’s a unique combination of kitchenware, food, wine, and dining accessories.

Upstairs, there are tons of hard-to-find kitchen utensils, wine, and cheese.

I would recommend visiting Attrezzi before you eat; there were over a dozen enticing food sample stations. I tried several of the unique cheese on display below, and they were marvelous.

There is a lot to like in downtown Portsmouth, but if you’re there, make sure you stop in Attrezzi.

Drone Goes Rogue

The harbor the marina sits on is charming. We Ubered back to Relentless, and I decided to check out droning. There were almost no restrictions, so away we went.

I had a concept for the video to hug the north coastline in front of the modern mansions and then capture some Mastershots of the lighthouse outside the entrance.

What’s odd is that I can’t find the name of this lighthouse on Google or even my Garmin charts (if anyone knows, please comment below.)

Anyway, all went well until we started to do the big circle, and suddenly I got a “LOSS CONNECTION WITH DRONE” warning. This happened before, and the drone went into “automatic return home” mode.

Not this time. I waited for a minute and nothing. I got up on the bow and pointed toward the lighthouse. After 90 seconds, I regained control.

Looking at the video, it seems like it decided to go out to sea and then Portsmouth before returning home.

Here’s my edited video set to the disco classic “Don’t Leave Me This Way…”

Lynn and Vernon

In 2019 we were cruising around Katama Bay near Edgartown, and I spotted what I thought was a new Sabre Model – The 45 Express Cruiser.

We pulled near and spoke briefly with the new owners – Lynn and Vernon, hailing from Greenwich, Connecticut.

There was a 45 docked next to us in Wentworth, and it turned out to be Lynn and Vernon aboard Lulu.

Lynn and Vernon

This time we got to know them a little better. To begin with, their engaging accents are from South Africa. They are voracious cruisers on day 42 of an 81-day cruise.

We’d been crisscrossing paths. They were in Portland a few days before us, and they were heading to Boston early Wednesday morning.

Dining At The Marina

Given the beautiful afternoon and wanting to spend our final night watching the sunset from the Flybridge, we booked dinner for Salt at the Marriott Hotel.

The walk to Salt is a great way to see everything this exceptional marina has to offer.

Wentworth-By-The-Sea Marriott Resort

As we entered this grand hotel, Mrs. horne recruited a receptionist to shoot a crew photo.

The Captain, Mrs. Horne, and Peter

Salt offers a hip environment and great food.

We were once again eating light and decided to favor the appetizer and healthier dining options.

Salt offers two Charcuterie Boards: one with meat and one with just cheese. Mrs. Horne went with the cheese board, and it was pretty impressive.

There was close to a pound of very interesting cheeses along with some wonderful accoutrements – all for $26.

I went with the Sicilian Flatbread with a white sauce (knowing it would make for great leftovers).

Peter went for a fish entree.

It was a Crab Stuffed Haddock accompanied by a Nasturtium & Sweet Pea Purée, Seasoned Short Grain Rice, Romanesco, Lemon Herb Beurre Blanc – YUMMO.

We managed to get back to Relentless in time for sunset, and it wasn’t disappointing.

Tomorrow: The 110-mile run home.